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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

TCC for 1/23/08

The Caretaker's Concern 1/23/08
Ghetto temp. 58 F. and rising.
Island tmp. 25 F. Yesterday's L/H: 17/29 F. Lake tmp. 32 F.
Mix of Sun & Clouds, light South breeze.

For most of the day, the wind was blowing with gusto, it was rather strong all of last night too. However since around 3 p.m. it has calmed. The Caretaker was hoping to be able to canoe over to the mainland this morning to drop off empty propane tanks and kerosene cans at his car but the wind was such that the paddle would have been less than fun. He could certainly do it now but at this point it wouldn't be a good use of his time, he'll just bring them over when he goes to the mainland tomorrow. The Caretaker is hoping to take care of a few errands tomorrow, that is if the Lake doesn't ice in tonight. He is currently down to only 100 pounds of propane which could very well last him all the way through ice-in (whenever that is) but since he has to go the mainland for other reasons he figures he might as well get fuel too. Pretty much every time the Caretaker goes to the mainland in the winter he picks up as much fuel as he can. The Ghetto gets cold without it, and food cooked under the arm is usually less than palatable.

Today on the Island wasn't all that exciting, the Caretaker has spent most of the day matting prints to bring to the mainland tomorrow, if all goes well the sleeves he ordered will arrive tomorrow as expected and thus the prints can go up for sale. This is assuming the Lake will be open. Aside from getting fuel there are a few other things he would like to take care of but he will no longer bore you with his list or errands, he'll save that for another update, perhaps when things are really slow on the Island.

On the radio (VPR) yesterday the Caretaker heard someone refer to himself as a "Gardening Coach". This made the Caretaker laugh when he heard this, and it still makes him laugh now. However, he did learn that a Gardening Coach does actually exist, apparently they are unlicensed/uncertified "Gardening Councilors". Both of these so called "professions" have given the Caretaker an idea, he is thinking of referring to himself as a "Property Management Advisor". Granted that doesn't exactly roll off the tongue as a blog title, but hey, if it lends a sense of professionalism to what he does maybe he should give it a try:

Deep in the back country, late at night in a small town bar, the Property Management Advisor decides it might be a good idea to try and strike up a conversation with one of the local lady folk standing by the Jukebox.

"Hi. Does the Jukebox work?"
"Do you hear music?"
"Well, yes. But it sounds as if it is coming from the bar stereo."
"Perceptive. You must be a Property Management Advisor."
"Why yes I am, how did you know?"
"My father's one too, but he isn't dumb enough to call himself that, he just calls himself a Caretaker."
"Right. So. Uh, may I buy you a drink?"

And so for the rest of the drink the Property Management Advisor and the Lady spoke about a number of subjects, what they were he couldn't remember, but in the end he decided that calling himself a Property Management Advisor is about as useful as a Gardening Coach (I mean come on, they are neither licensed nor certified), so he has gone back to just calling himself the Caretaker.

Anyway, the Caretaker has been on the Island since last Thursday, if all goes well he'll make it to the mainland tomorrow--look out mainland, here comes the Property Management Advisor! Yeah, that just doesn't work does it? The Caretaker thought he'd give it one last try.

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