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Sunday, January 27, 2008

TCC for 1/27/08

The Caretaker's Concern 1/27/08
Ghetto temp. 55 F. and rising.
Island tmp. 28 F. Yesterday's L/H: 22/31 F.
Mostly clear night, a few clouds, little to no wind. Slight bit of snow in the afternoon, just a few flurries.

It was a quiet day on the Lake, little to no wind at all. For much of the day the sun was shining with little interruption from the clouds, the snow on the roofs began to melt. The dripping snow melt was a day long plink-plink, much like after a brief rain storm in the woods when the remaining moisture on the leaves slowly drops down from leaf to leaf finally to the forest floor. Today was the sort of day that the Caretaker thought about doing some sunbathing, but that is as far as he got, he kept busy with other things. However, it probably would have been a good thing to do so he could get some vitamin D, but given tomorrow's forecast, he should have another opportunity to sunbathe. The downside is that the Lake will most likely be thinning out tomorrow and the next day. It has certainly been a curious winter/ice-in so far, but then again, the past two winters have had nothing predictable about them either so the Caretaker should expect no less this time around.

A thought occurred to the Caretaker today: is the sky still blue at night? Just because there is no light from the Sun at night to show us the sky, would it not still be blue? Or, if the sky is not blue at night, is the sky really blue during the day? Perhaps a better question is: does the sky have any color at all? The Caretaker seems to remember hearing somewhere that the color in the sky, blue, is a result of the reflection of the oceans and other such large bodies of water. Which if that is the case then the sky is merely acting as a mirror, and so the sky would have no color. Does a mirror have color? If a mirror reflects color and light, without color or light in front of a mirror would it have no color? If we were to create such conditions, no color in front of a mirror, we wouldn't be able to see it if it were in front of us. But to do that would require a space with no light, because the moment we look into the mirror with light we would see the color of ourselves, but in a light-less environment we can't see anything so not only is the mirror invisible but so is everything else, except the color of no light. Is a light-less space colorless or just dark? Eyes open in darkness see black, black is a color, black is all the colors combined. However, for light, black is the absence of light. So there is color without light, but is there no light without color? What?

As you can see, not a very busy day here on the Island. Perhaps even a bit of mind-rot is seeping in, hm.

--The Caretaker

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