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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

TCC for 2/27/08

The Caretaker's Concern 2/27/08
Ghetto temp. 50 F. and rising, for now.
Island tmp. low teens. Yesterday's L/H: 30/31.5 F.
Current conditions: Cloud covered sky, occasional wind gusts varying from the North and East. Cold and getting colder.

The Caretaker does not have the current temperature because he does not want to go outside to check the thermometer. It is probably somewhere in the teens, it is due to go down to around Zero F. The Ghetto is not insulated, and drafty, the Caretaker would prefer to retain as much heat as possible by not opening the door to go outside and check the temperature. Also, there is no photo from today, the above photos are from days past. It has been a driving snow all day long, the wind coming from the Narrows, blowing at a pretty good clip non-stop. The Caretaker did not feel like taking his camera out in the snow storm. However, if all goes well he will make up for today's lack of daily photo tomorrow. The first photo is of the top of Shelving Rock, the Caretaker's plan is to cross the Lake to the East shore and snowshoe to the top, tomorrow is forecast to be a clear sunny day, hopefully some good photos will be taken.

Not much to report today, the Caretaker dragged a ton of laundry over to his car this afternoon. He decided not to go to town to do laundry today. Instead he dropped it off at his car and then shoveled out the snow from around his car. While skiing over to the mainland the Caretaker saw a ice fisherman, well, technically it could have been a ice fisherwoman, but not likely. Not that women don't go ice fishing, but usually they have enough sense to not go sit on the ice over an ice hole in a snowstorm with winds of 10 to 20 mph, so, most likely it was a ice fisherman that the Caretaker saw while skiing over to the mainland. Some may say that the Caretaker is crazy for living on an Island in the Winter with no running water and marginal heat, but ice fishing in a snowstorm? Either that guy was very hungry, has very, very few chances to go ice fishing, or he and his wife don't get along all that much, then again, it may just be the the guy is about as crazy as the Caretaker. Whatever the case may have been the Caretaker did not go find out, his only plan was to keep moving until he got to his destination. After dropping off his laundry and shoveling out his car the Caretaker skied back to the Island and began making preparations for his field trip tomorrow.

--The Caretaker

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