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Sunday, April 27, 2008

TCC for 4/27/08

The Caretaker's Concern 4/27/08
Lake Temp. 42 F.
Ghetto temp. 58 F. dropping.
Island tmp. 57 F. Yesterday's L/H: 55/64 F.
Current conditions: Patchy cloud coverage, mix of dense to thin in thickness, no wind, complete calm.

Much of the morning was spent on Spring cleaning, a good start for the Caretaker but plenty more to do. In the afternoon the Caretaker did some more cutting, the chain saw is still running well, good to know that the Caretaker didn't ruin it. The saw even cut well from a variety of positions when used to cut broken limbs from out of the tangle of other tree limbs. This is the end of the chain saw work for now, there will be plenty more to come in the future, for the time being it will be mostly rake and burn.

The Caretaker noticed that the mint has begun to sprout, soon there will be mint to pick. Great that the stuff grows like a weed. Here's a page from the Caretaker's cook book:

"Strawberry Mint Infusion"


Freshest strawberries to be had, amount depends on sweetness of berries and particular taste, a couple is a good start.

Freshest mint leaves to be had, same as above, 10 or so leaves, give or take.

Cleanest water to be had, about a quart.


Pour water into pan.
Slice strawberries, put in pan with water.
Mash mint leaves a bit, put in pan with water and strawberries.

Simmer for about 10 minutes, give or take.

Pour water with berries and mint into glass vessel, allow to cool/refrigerate.

Serve chilled, the Caretaker takes it without sugar, but by all means add some if you like. Also, can be served on the rocks as is or with your favorite alcohol, Vodka is usually a good choice and of course, Gin.

The above is one of the many recipes that the Caretaker has in his book of things to do when you've got nothing but to make it up, for example, the ever favorite: Condiment Sandwich. Perhaps someday the Caretaker will share this one too.

By nightfall there wasn't a breath of wind, the Lake was flat calm, the Caretaker decided to dig out his small craft running lights to make sure that they functioned properly. He attached them to the bow and stern of the canoe and headed off into the night. The water was such that if the moon was out the Caretaker probably would have gone for a paddle around Dome Island if not all the way over to the East shore, great flat water paddling.

Many water fowl making many noises, occasionally flying around. It was a rather dark night to be flying around, at least by the Caretaker's estimation, these birds must do plenty to upset each other to go fly off with little to no light to see by. Wonder if the landing is often like stepping down stairs in the dark coming up sharp on the bottom step we think is there but isn't?

--The Caretaker

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