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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

TCC for 11/25/08

The Caretaker's Concern 11/25/08

Lake Temp. 45.75 F.
Ghetto temp. 42.5 F. and dropping.
Island tmp. 36.5 F. Yesterday's L/H: 24/33 F.

Current conditions: Dark cloud covered sky, wind from the South, about 5 to 10 mph, wet and damp. Rained during the night previous into this morning, stopped by mid afternoon, but still cloudy, low lying, with a minor break around the sun for about 5 minutes. The rain was rather hard at times, occasional mix of snow flakes, upon the mountain tops there was some snow accumulation.




Due to the weather the Caretaker didn't get out much today, but then again, regardless of the weather the Caretaker doesn't get out much. The Caretaker has been working without a kitchen these past few days, which he has been able to manage well enough except for one thing and that is his tea habit. Without a convenient way to rinse dish-ware he has had to forego loose leaf tea, instead he has had to make-do with packaged bagged tea. With nowhere to put his waste water he can't rinse his tea strainer, yes he does have empty bags to bag his own tea but those are lost somewhere in storage for the time being. So, it has been nothing but packaged bagged tea these past few days, because of this and this alone the Caretaker has been left a bit wanting. Sure he lives with no running water through the Winter months (millions of people do it year round), and he lives with marginal heat (millions of people do it and have done it all their lives), not to mention the time he went through the ice his first Winter and had to break through the ice for shore, or when he capsized his sailboat at night and was almost run over by a motorboat, in addition to the above mentioned experiences/circumstances the Caretaker has plenty others that he would consider merely mild annoyances, but to have to suffer packaged bagged tea is something that just might break his spirit. Now don't get the Caretaker wrong, he is not "above" bagged tea, if there is nothing else he will drink it gladly, but knowing that he has plenty of loose leaf tea on hand and can't drink it, well that is can't drink it conveniently--oh the humanity.

A thought just occurred to the Caretaker, and that is to rinse his tea strainer directly in the Lake, technically it is not pollution, but it sure would be a waste of good compost. Well, either way, if all goes as planned the Caretaker will have his kitchen arrangement up and running, at least the waste water part, by tomorrow morning.

--The Caretaker

P.S. The Caretaker would like to thank all of you who gave him compliments (through the blog, and points elsewhere) for the music he posted on his myspace page. Come next Monday he will be posting some more from past recordings.


The Pisstaker said...

I could not function without my morning cups of tea. I order Assam black tea by the 2lb bag from Coffee Bean Direct in New Jersey. It kick-ass strong and a good bargain.
Have I already asked you what kind of sailboat you have? If not, what kind of sailboat do you have?

The Caretaker said...

Hey P.T.,
I had an O'Day day sailor 14, unfortunately when I capsized it at night the internal hall took on water so I had to abandon it on the South shore of Three Brother Islands until I could come back with a motor boat to bring it back to the Island. The wind was out of the South and so the hull got smashed up on the rocks, it wasn't worth salvaging so I ended up cutting it up and bringing it to the dump. I have a replacement boat, but it is down in storage in North Jersey, it's been in storage for some two or three years, unfortunately where I was storing it prior to Jersey someone stole the sails and I haven't made the time to see if the sails from the O'Day will fit, maybe this coming summer I'll get around to it.