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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

TCC for 1/6/09

Originally the Caretaker was planning on posting a rather lengthy entry for today, but now he is far too drained. He paddled over to the mainland this morning only having to break through about 10 yards of ice, when he returned in the afternoon he had to break through ice pretty much the entire way back. However, that is not what has tuckered him out, dickering around with a new shower arrangement that took him over an hour and a half to get going (which in the end never worked so he had to go back to his old way) is what sucked all the energy out of him.

By the afternoon most all of the Lake South of the Island was iced over, at least as far as the eye could see, but come this evening the wind picked up and broke up much of the ice. Based on the weather report for tonight, chances are the Lake will ice in again by tomorrow afternoon. The weather report calls for precipitaion of various sorts up until Friday so the Caretaker is all set to hunker down on the Island until after the weather clears. He's looking forward to being Island bound for the next few days, he's got plenty to do that he has been neglecting, one thing in particular, among other things, is to get caught up on this blog. By tomorrow afternoon the entries from the past few days should be expanded upon. Unless of course something else comes up, which never happens here. Ha.

--The Caretaker

1/6/09 Early Morning

1/6/09 Late Afternoon

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