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Sunday, February 15, 2009

TCC for 2/15/09

The Caretaker's Concern 2/15/09

The Caretaker hopes everyone had a happy Valentine's Day. Today's post is going to just be a journal entry from his first year back to the Island. The posts for the next few days will most likely just be entries from his journal. The Caretaker needs to focus his attention on his submission for the Australian job, Tourism Queensland of Australia refers to it as "the Best Job in the World" however the Caretaker begs to differ, he already has the best job in the world but he is willing to take a step down in employment (not to mention that 150,000 Australian dollars for 6 months of work is a pretty easy pill to swallow). So, when the Caretaker finishes his 60 second video submission and uploads it to the job website he will be sure to let you know so you can go view it. You will also be able to rate it, his only request will be that if you find his submission funny and entertaining than give it a high rating, if not give it a low rating.

--The Caretaker


Posting of the Caretaker’s Journal entries from 2003 began on the 2nd of February 2009, if you’ve missed the earlier posts click on “TCC for Feb 02” on the left in the “Blog Archive” and begin reading from there.

The Caretaker's first stint on the Island was during the mid-nineties, then he returned for the Summer of 2003, the text that follows has been edited only for spelling, it is basically a verbatim transcription from his journal (thus unedited except for general coherency), this tenth entry is from his tenth day back at the Island. It is as follows:

June 5th, 2003, Thursday

Much of the day was spent doing work for myself and the Island. In the afternoon I went for a bicycle ride on my 12 speed road bike. I biked North on route 9N to the trail accesses for the Tongue Mountain range on the other side of the street from the trail access is a river with a nice water fall. I hung around there for a while letting the sounds of the falls block out the noise from the road. After a while I returned home. Overall it was a nice ride, around 14 miles round trip. The only drawback were the packs of Stick Twisters, and of them it was really only the noisy ones, thankfully Americade is only a week long. It's good for commerce they're here, but it will be nice for the peace and quiet when they're gone.

The Canadian geese are passing through, yesterday while hanging laundry a gaggle flew overhead in "V" formation, from end to end was probably over a mile long. They make enough noise at times to almost be more of a nuisance than the Stick Twisters.

Overall today was quite long. Most of my days have been long. Which is good, pretty soon I will have finished all that there is to do here on the Island and will have to get work off Island. I am not looking forward to that, but a man's got to do what a man's got to do--hopefully I can figure some way out of it.

(The Caretaker didn't get no job. Of course he figured a way out of it. It was simple, he didn't look. This probably needs not be stated but if you haven't noticed, the Caretaker is perhaps the world's greatest procrastinator, lazy as lazy can be.
--Caretaker's note 2/15/2009)

End Journal Entry for 6/5/2003
Coming tomorrow the Caretaker’s journal entry for 6/6/2003.


lola coca-cola said...

Hey, it worked, I have booked a ticket to Australia. You're good.

The Caretaker said...

Hey Lola,
Anything I can do to help, always happy to oblige, have yourself a good time down-under, if you get the chance, send a postcard up-over.

Cord said...

Were those Canadian geese Canada geese? Or some other kind of geese from Canada?

The Caretaker said...

Ah Cord,
Good question, it was so long ago I can't recall, but I can tell you this, I shot one and ate it, tasted good, even better than Canadian Bacon, so, I guess it was a gaggle of Canadian geese.