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Monday, February 9, 2009

TCC for 2/9/09

TCC for 2/9/09

Posting of the Caretaker’s Journal entries from 2003 began on the 2nd of February 2009, if you’ve missed the earlier posts click on “TCC for Feb 02” on the left in the “Blog Archive” and begin reading from there.

Unfortunately the Caretaker is currently having some trouble uploading photos, not that he took any today, and there really isn't much to report, so instead the Caretaker has decided to dig out his journal from when he first started working again at the Island. His first stint was during the mid-nineties, then he returned for the Summer of 2003, the text that follows has been edited only for spelling, it is basically a verbatim transcription from his journal (thus unedited except for coherency), this eighth entry is from his eighth day back at the Island. It is as follows:

June 1st, 2003, Sunday

The wind did carry over from the night, lasted until the end of the afternoon, made for a somewhat chilly day—see your breath. The first thing I did this morning was take the paper cup out into the wind and the waves. Some of the waves were about three feet, and eight and a half feet of canoe does not make for dry paddling. I took the paper cup out and around Sloop Island and then back to the Island to drain the water out of the boat then ate breakfast. After breakfast I took the canoe out again, but soon realized that if I stay out much longer I will swamp the canoe. Now if the water was warmer it would have been fun, but it wasn’t warm and so fun it would not be. Quickly realizing this I returned to the dock, drained out the water and put it away on shore.

With the waves proving to be too much for the paper cup I opted for one of B’s sea kayaks. Personally I prefer a canoe but without a larger one on hand I had to go with a kayak. I paddled out to Gull Rock, but without a skirt I was taking on water so opted to return to the Island for one. After putting on the skirt and attaching it to the kayak I decided to paddle around Green Island. The way out there was much fun and excitement in the rolling waves, much of the South side and all of the West side of Green Island were in the lee of the wind so it made for very calm waters, then I hit the wind again on the North and East side of the Island. The return trip was with the wind which there was plenty of, a very good time paddling.

I would like to paddle the entire lake, preferably in a canoe, but if all I end up having at my disposal is the paper cup I will have to instead use a sea kayak. Have to wait and see.

When I first woke up and got out and about on the Island this morning I saw the Bolton Landing fire and rescue boat was anchored in the lee of the Island, they were doing practice dives. Upon my return from kayaking around Green Island and after pulling the kayak out of the water one of the guys on the boat called over to me:

“Do you have any jumper cables?”

I said I’ll check. There weren’t any on the Island. I told them sorry I had none, but is there anything else I could do? They said no, they have a cell phone and someone is on the way to help. I wished them luck then went about my business slightly bummed I could not help rescue the Rescue boat. Eventually someone came and rescued the Rescue boat with a set of jumper cables. It started up fine and off they went.

Other than that the rest of the day wasn’t too exciting, most of the remainder of the day was spent inside due to the cold high winds. I mostly worked on the Ghetto and things in the main house. The weather this coming week is due to be warm and sunny, I hope so, I would like a change from the cold and the clouds.

End Journal Entry for 6/1/2003
Coming tomorrow the Caretaker’s journal entry for 6/2/2003.


Anonymous said...

Ummm are these still technically the Caretaker's Concerns? 6 year old concerns should be ...well they should no longer concern you. If you have not dealt with them properly the time that has passed should tell you, if nothing else, that they are not of great importance. Move on. Have yourself some modern day concerns. Or should I say some current concerns in that "how to heat beans" doesn't feel too modern (though no less interesting). You are a delight and a treasure and that lake and those mountains are lucky to have you shower in their midst.

The Caretaker said...

Hello Anon,
Thank you for your comments and concern for the content of my blog. Your point is well taken, I expect to be able to provide more up to date content by tomorrow evening or the following day. Thanks again for your input.
Best Regards,

teasmith said...

I love the older posts! I'm learning so much more about the Caretaker, the Island and the Lake! No need to reply, Caretaker. Keep Taking Care!
Namaste --

The Caretaker said...

Hey Teasmith,
Glad to hear you are enjoying the old journal posts, now that I am back at the Island I will start posting current events and old journal entries.
Thanks for the support.