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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Caretaker's Concern for 2/17/2010

TCC for 2/17/10

The Caretaker woke up this morning to some considerable chest pain, it came as no surprise, he went to bed with some chest pain. The cause of which was from when he went through the ice while skating earlier in the day, his self rescue went well enough and he was able to get dry and warm soon enough. The details of this and the other things that happened on February 16th will follow in tomorrow's post.

So, since the Caretaker suffered a body blow from the ice he decided to take it easy today by hiking across the Lake to Shelving falls. It snowed a bit last night, not much but enough to prevent ice-skating however not enough snow to x-c ski so the Caretaker just hiked. It was a cloudy overcast day so the decision was to go see what the ice formations were like over at the falls. The following photos are from today:
The Caretaker later found out why these people were on the ice with a canoe, they were going to pull their ice-boat out of the Lake.

This is where the Caretaker went through the ice yesterday.

This is a close up shot of the hole.

Two shots of Ice formations across the trail below the falls:

Ice formation beside the river below the falls:

Shots of the lower falls:

Shots of the upper falls:

Above the falls:

Two shots of the river level measurement, notice the ice in the background above the shoreline:

Various shots of ice formations along the river above the falls:

More shots of the ice formation crossing the trail below the falls but from further up:

Another visit from the dog:

--The Caretaker

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