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Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Caretaker's Concern for 2/6/2010

TCC for 2/6/2010

The Caretaker took no photos today. The wind has been out of the North East, from the Narrows, since yesterday and it has been non-stop at around 20 miles per hour or higher. The Caretaker had to go to the mainland today to deliver some product, he brought his camera but decided not to take any photos because he didn't feel like risking frostbite while trying to get his camera out and operating it which would have required him to take off both his mittens and his gloves. Nor did he want his camera to get filled with snow which was whipping across the ice in the wind. While walking across the ice he almost wiped out any number of times. Due to the high winds much of the snow has been blown off the Lake which should make for some great ice-skating again, that is if the wind lets up. The following two photos are from the archive, as to the first one here, not quite sure why that was in the archive but here it is (then again, that could probably be said about a lot of the photos that have been in the archive). Anyway:


--The Caretaker


Anonymous said...

Hi there caretaker! I have an archive just like that one, i think all photographers do at some point!

nice sunset!

The Caretaker said...

Hello Anon...
Thanks for the compliment, glad you like the sunset shot.
It is often interesting to see what we were thinking after a time lapse.