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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Caretaker's Concern for 3/30/2010

TCC for 3/3/10:

Cold, very windy, rain off and on through out the day, the Caretaker took no photos today, here are some photos from this past month from the archive and a video:





The Caretaker can't recall if he posted this footage from the day of ice-out but now that he's learned he can convert his MOV files to mp4's (thus drastically reducing the file size which is important when uploading via dial-up) he figured he might as well up load it just to be sure. And speaking of videos, now that it doesn't take anywhere near as long for uploading you can expect to see more videos from the Caretaker in the near future. One video in particular will be of how it is the Caretaker takes a shower with no running water. And, he'll probably post the Lake George Chicken videos to his blog also, that is when or if he finds the files.

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