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Monday, March 22, 2010

The Caretaker's Concern for 3/22/2010

TCC for 3/22/10:

The Caretaker took no photos today so here are some recent photos from the archive:



The day started cold, cloudy and windy. The morning sky was a chilly gray blanket of clouds from horizon to horizon that nearly reached down to the waters of Lake George. The wind came from the Narrows all day long and into the night, as the day wore on the wind blew harder. The temperature wasn't below freezing but the damp air cloaked with a cold that chilled to the bone.

As far as the Caretaker knows, all of the ice has since melted from the Lake but there is certainly still debris floating around just at and below the surface of the water. This past Saturday the Caretaker kayaked passed a log the diameter of a telephone pole, and half the length, with eight inch spikes sticking out of it up and down its length, most likely a part of a dock that was damaged during ice-out. Until the debris on the Lake from ice-out gets either lodged on shore or removed from the Lake one still needs to be mindful while out in a motorboat.

Given the forecast of rain for today the Caretaker decided to go to the mainland to get some work done at the library, upon arrival to town it didn't take long for him to realize that he forgot his key to the library, thus he had to go back to the Island. A number of things like this had been happening to the Caretaker all morning long. It was definitely a gray day for the Caretaker, that is until around mid-afternoon when the Sun came out. Well, that is it came out for the Caretaker, the Sun was only around for a little while but when it comes to the Sun's presence for any length of time, no matter how short, it is always better than nothing. If the Caretaker had his way he'd take the Sun and keep it right in his packbasket so he could have the Sun with him all the time. At this time of year in particular, when the Sun's out it is warm and pleasant, when the Sun's away it is cold and rather unpleasant, but then again, this is true any time of the year, not just now in early Spring. The forecast calls for rain through to the end of the week, the Caretaker is not likely to see the Sun again until this Friday, it's going to be a long cold week until then.

Should the wind let up some the Caretaker will do what he can to get some rainy day shots instead of having to keep pulling from his photo archive.

--The Caretaker

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