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Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Caretaker's Concern for 3/6/2010

TCC for 3/6/2010

The Caretaker went to town today to pick-up and drop off mail. Part of his travels required him to paddle a canoe in addition to walking the ice. Returning to the Island he decided that since he was already paddling he might as well paddle North up the open water as far as he could go, which was a little beyond the shallows that are North of Gull Rock. The following are the photos from today.

Unlike the past three days, today was mostly calm for the morning with only a mild wind in the afternoon. Mid-afternoon the Caretaker had himself a short nap out on the South boathouse dock in the sun, quite warm and pleasant. Based on the weather forecast the Caretaker expects to be able to paddle all the way to the mainland by the end of the coming week. For the time being the Caretaker plans to be Island bound until there is enough open water to be able to paddle all the way to the mainland.

--The Caretaker


Kristen said...

Hi Caretaker..

Just found you through 365 keys as I'm trying to find where to buy replacement ribbon for my Webster XL-800 and saw your comment on their blog. Any suggestions??

We just moved back to CO from Rye, NY and enjoyed a great week in Lake Champlain, VT and your neck of the woods last October. GORGEOUS part of the country.

Best to you! Stay warm...

The Caretaker said...

Hello Kristen,
I hope you haven't thrown out your used ribbon, if you have it is not the end of the world. If you have it is helpful for getting a replacement instead of having to bring your typewriter, not that the Webster XL-800 is heavy (speaking of which, should you ever happen to decide you no longer want your XL-800 drop me a line and I will be glad to buy it from you.

As far as brick and mortar stores, privately owner office supply stores sometimes carry ribbons, but be aware that they can be dry because they have been on the self for a long time. Another source is a typewriter repair shop, try your local phone book or on-line for finding a local typewriter repair shop.

Here is a link to a page of a number of typewriter repair shops throughout some of the world and the States, not sure when it was last updated but here it is:

Lastly, in the past I have been able to get ribbons from the big box national chain office supply store: "Office Depot", the ribbons they carry are not the best quality but do work. If you have your old spools and can only find a ribbon for a different type of spools you can always transfer the ribbon to your spools.

If brick and mortar is not an option you can also try on-line, type into a search engine typewriter replacement ribbon and a few sources should come up. There is (or was) a company out of Brooklyn, NY that pretty much carried everything, don't recall the business name but they usually pop up in a web search.

If you still have trouble contact me and in a few day I will have more free time to help you further.
Good luck.
P.S. If you use your typewriter on a regular basis, when you locate a new ribbon, buy more than one and save the spools, there may come a time when we will have to ink our own ribbons.