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Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Caretaker's Concern for 4/25/2010

TCC for 4/25/10:

Early Spring Green is on the trees.

Before there was the blog the Caretaker sent out posts via e-mail, the following is from the Caretaker's second winter on the Island:

Island Ice Report for 2/14/07:

Outside temp: 11 F
Ghetto temp: 50 F
Wind: East, 5 - 10 mph, gusting to 20
Sky: dense cloud cover
Precipitation: Snowing, 6 inches with drifts up to 3 feet. Mostly whiteout conditions, very limited visibility.

Today the Caretaker started his day by shoveling a path from the Ghetto to the main house so he could take breakfast. Upon completion of shoveling he took the long way around to see the snow fall thus far, the snow drifts on the Island and the ice are like waves on water, small piles in a symmetrical formation. After the Caretaker got the heat going in the kitchen he began to prepare the first part of his breakfast. After the first part of his breakfast the Caretaker went back to the Ghetto to harvest some wheat grass for his morning juice. So with bowl to collect wheat grass in hand the Caretaker returned to the Ghetto only to find that he had been locked out. It turns out that the metal hook on the screen door to the Ghetto had managed to find the metal eyelet it latches into when the Caretaker left for the kitchen earlier in the morning. Interestingly enough the only way to latch the hook is from the inside, perhaps Grandma or one of the other sighted ghosts had a hand in this? Perhaps there is a message here? Probably not, it is more likely that the hook was up and when the door was shut the hook came down right into the hole. Whatever the case may or may not be, the Caretaker will be sure to not let this happen again. In the end it was mostly a minor inconvenience, the Caretaker returned to the kitchen for a knife and slid that between the screen door and the molding to pop the hook out of the hole. So, as you can see today has already started off with an adventure. After lunch the Caretaker might go for a snowshoe, then again he might just hunker down, allow the storm to pass, and keep up with the shoveling so he doesn't get snowed into the Ghetto. However, should that happen, the Caretaker does have some provisions and he can easily hop out a window on the leeward side of the wind and snow. Should the Caretaker get snowed in he will not look to exit the Ghetto until after the snow storm has passed. Now some of you may wonder what on Earth would the Caretaker do while "trapped" in the Ghetto for over a day or so, especially with no television! Worry not dear reader for the Caretaker is a professional troglodyte and can easily find ways to amuse himself with some of the most simplest of things. However, in the meantime, snowed in or not, he will get caught up on the previous day's reports and will send them off later in the day.
Be well, stay warm, and stay home (that is if you are in the midst of this storm, and if you're not, stay home anyway).
Happy Valentine's day.


Before I forget, for those who had asked what the photos from two days ago while the Caretaker was in town are (I think this person states it best):
"Looks like a petri dish with some way out is only the caretakers laundry. "
The first two were of the wash cycle the third was of the dryer.

Here's a little something I wrote almost 10 years ago, I just came across it and figured now would be a good time to bring it out into the light again.
It probably should have been sent out earlier then late into the evening on the day of Valentine's day, but as they say: better late than never.


Cupid's will is to make all our hearts reach,
With arrow aimed and ready for the day,
Sharp with love's message waiting to beseech,
Cruelest heart his tender weight strips away:
His only warning is when his bow rings,
Shooting a piercing touch so smooth and soft,
Then flutters off for more gentle mendings,
Seeking out heavy hearts to send aloft.
Of all the worthy goals none are above,
His heart is his guide to love's next victim,
One sip and hate strong become weak with love,
By sweetest tasting of any serum.
Very soon Valentine's Day will be here,
Bare your heart to make Cupid's target clear.

P.S. Many asked what "troglodyte" means:
1.a. A member of a fabulous or prehistoric race of people that lived in caves, dens, or holes. b. A person considered to be reclusive, reactionary, out of date, or brutish. 2.a. An anthropoid ape, such as a gorilla or chimpanzee. b. An animal that lives underground, as an ant or a worm.

I would say that in some ways all of the above apply.

--The Caretaker

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