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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Caretaker's Concern for 7/21/2010

TCC for 7/21/10:

SPECIAL NOTE: If you receive The Caretaker's Concern posts to your e-mail, due to a technical error, yesterday's post went out prematurely, you saw nothing of the mornings sunrise photos, nor the text about a boat incident, rain, etc. Click or copy and paste the following link to be taken to yesterday's blog post:

Photo from this morning's sunrise:

Photos from 4/27/10:

Photo from 6/9/10:

The Caretaker forgot about having to renew his drivers license so he had to rearrange his schedule for yesterday, what was to be done yesterday has to be done today in addition to what was already slated for today, plus some new stuff, no time to relate the remaining "rescue" events, most likely tomorrow.

Before there was the blog the Caretaker sent out posts via e-mail, the following is from the Caretaker's second winter on the Island:

Island Ice Report for 3/22/07:

Outside temp: 40 F
Ghetto temp: 60 F
Wind: South, 5 or so mph
Sky: mostly cloudy
Precipitation: rain off and on

Not much to report today, the Caretaker spent much of the day resting from yesterday's trip. As per F.'s request, the distance traveled on the Tongue Mt. Range trip was:
X-c skied about 5 miles,
Snowshoed about 13 miles,
Total miles of trip, about 18.
This is based on map measurements and distances given by "Discover the Eastern Adirondacks", written by Barbara Martin, how accurate her numbers are I don't know, but I do have my doubts, because of this following quote about the trail that the Caretaker snowshoed yesterday: "The Range Trail south from the ridgeline (sic) intersection to Montcalm Point(/Tongue Mt. Point) is the most delightful 5.8 miles of hiking imaginable." Now I will give her that she lists this hike as a summer trip, but even then I would dispute this claim of hers, if you ask me, I would say that the hike from Log Bay to Sleeping Beauty is by far much more "delightful". I don't know what drugs Ms. Martin does while she goes hiking, but I must say that they would have come in handy yesterday. Talk about drudgery. However, for the record, overall her book is a pretty good guide book for the Eastern Adirondacks. Also, one benefit of yesterday's trip is that while coming down off the ridge, the Caretaker realized that there is a great way to do the loop from Clay Meadow to Five Mile Mt., on to Deer Leap and then to Route 9N and that great way is to drop off a bicycle at the end of the trail on Route 9N, then drive back to Clay meadow and start the hike. Once the hike comes to an end, there is a bit of up hill to pedal on the bicycle but then the rest of the way is pretty much down hill all the way back to the car. What better way to end a hike than to coast down hill for a number of miles on a bicycle? In fact, now that the Caretaker thinks about it, there probably isn't a better way to end anything than by coasting down hill on a bicycle. Interestingly enough the Caretaker has managed to make little to no mention of his bicycle obsession but to put it into context if the Caretaker was a pro-football player whose team won the Super-bowl and when he was asked, "You just won the Super-bowl, what are you going to do?" The Caretaker would not say, "I'm going to Disney World!" The Caretaker would say, "I'm going to coast down a hill on a bicycle!" Anyway, enough about the bicycle. Of the few things accomplished today by the Caretaker one was the removal of an annoying limb, not his own, but from a tree. The warm air has caused the snow to start to melt and with the rain, parts of the Island have begun to flood, soon the mud season will be upon us here in the Lake George region--hide your whites and break out your old sneakers.
The attached photo is of Black Mt. from one of the unnamed peaks on the Tongue Mt. Range.

--The Caretaker

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