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Friday, August 27, 2010

The Caretaker's Concern for 8/27/2010

TCC for 8/27/10:

The Caretaker went to the Saratoga Race track yesterday and had a good time with S. and R. losing money. A special thanks to S. for a day at the track.

Before there was the blog the Caretaker sent out posts via e-mail, the following is from the Caretaker's second winter on the Island:

Island Report 4/27/07 Epilogue:

The IIR will no longer be going out on a daily basis. That's right, the busiest man in No Business has to direct his energies towards other things. Not that the text part ever really did go out on a daily basis but now neither will the photos either. There aren't as many photographic opportunities during the summer months for a variety of reasons, but also the Caretaker will no longer be in a position to devote anywhere near as much time towards taking photos and he will have even less time to do any writing for the IIR's. This is not to say that there will never be another IIR, there will, but only occasionally. If the Caretaker happens to get a good photo he'll pass it along, for example, during the Rainbow season he will do his best to take photos and send them out. If he happens to feel inclined, and have the time to write something he will do so, but overall the Caretaker will not be making a point to get the IIR out on a daily basis. The Caretaker will be keeping busy with various Island obligations and trying to get his photography to market. He does have a new idea or two for another Lake George Chicken movie and when he gets around to shooting it he will be sure to pass it on.

For those of you who have made a particular request for a print of a specific photo the Caretaker hopes to be able to have more information for you in the next few weeks. It all depends on how well the photos print, if all goes well the Caretaker will be able to print all his digital photos but he won't find out until he gets his work to a professional developer.

While the Caretaker is no longer sending out IIR's he will also be working on his stump speech, the Caretaker will be making a bid for the Presidency as the write-in candidate of choice for all Americans. You will be able to follow the Caretaker's campaign for the presidency on What will his political party be? What else, the Caretaker Party. What will his slogan be?
"Don't worry, the Caretaker will take care of it--and that's no Bush."
When will the campaign videos start rolling in on Who knows, who cares? But if all goes well, someday after the election you'll be able to turn on your T.V. to watch the President address the nation and there you will see the Caretaker with red lens ski goggles, fisherman's hat and all the rest staring right back at you, going on about the impact on the nation of Lake George Chicken and whatever else seems to be important, but is there really anything more important than Lake George Chicken?

And with that the Caretaker will sign off for now. But before he does there are a few people he would like to thank:

The Caretaker would like to thank S. and L., T. and V., and B. and B., for allowing the Caretaker to reside on their Island this past winter and the winter prior. He will forever be indebted to them for these two winters and all the summers past that he has had the opportunity to enjoy the Island.

The Caretaker would also like to thank all those who took the time to respond to the IIR's with comments and encouragement, he greatly appreciates all that you had to write.

Lastly the Caretaker would like to thank all those who helped the Caretaker in one way or another to be in a position to share the IIR's with all of you. First the Caretaker would like to thank K. for selling him his computer, without which the Caretaker would not be able to get online from the Island.

Secondly the Caretaker would like to thank his father and Step-mother for taking the Caretaker and the rest of the family to see Mary Poppins in NYC, if this hadn't happened the Caretaker would not have taken a cab in which the Caretaker found the digital camera that he used to take all those photos he has shared with you.

And most of all the Caretaker would like to thank the owners of the digital camera for leaving it in the the taxi cab in NYC. The Caretaker has long since contacted Sony to see if the owners registered the camera with them, but has yet to hear back. There were a number of photos on the camera that the owner(s) took. The Caretaker has saved them all, and from looking at them he has concluded that the owners of the camera were in NYC visiting with friends. The first photo attached to this e-mail is of the people whom the Caretaker believes to be the owners of the camera. If you happen to know these people, or know people who know these people please let the Caretaker know so he may return the camera to its rightful owners:

And of course, thank you all for taking time out of your day each day to read the IIR's, the Caretaker certainly enjoyed sending them out, he hopes you enjoyed reading them and seeing the photos.
Goodbye for now...

--The Caretaker

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