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Monday, September 27, 2010

The Caretaker's Concern for 9/27/2010

TCC for 9/27/10:

No new photos, just some from the archive.


The morning began dark, gray, the sky almost entirely cloud covered, the wind has been from the North East all day, not too strong but enough to keep a chill on the air. Come the afternoon the rain began, a long steady rain, not too hard but good enough to saturate the soil which the grass is in desperate need of. A couple hours after nightfall the rain has stopped, the occasional drip-drop-drip of water from the trees can be heard on the roof of the ghetto.

Last night a curious thing happened to the Caretaker, the night was coming to an end and the Caretaker decided to take a few moments out on cocktail point, not long after sitting down on the two seater Adirondack chair he heard the fluttering of wings of a sizable bird swoop down from overhead, a sort of controlled fall, and land just on the other side of the fire bowl between the large stone and the Oak tree. Upon hearing the sound the Caretaker looked up and saw a black mass drop down from the pine tree overhead. The Caretaker had no light with him so he went up to the ghetto for a flashlight, he wasn't sure the bird would have remained but figured it would be worth a shot. Leaving the Ghetto to return to Cocktail point he switched on the flashlight figuring if the bird wanted to make a get away give it plenty of notice. The bird did not such thing, it was found right where it had landed. A black waterfowl with a long yellow beak with a sharp short hook at the end. The Caretaker was able to get about two feet from the bird while shining the flash light on it. The bird made no effort to flee, it just occasionally fluttered its wings a small bit and twisted its head around, looking around, perhaps it was shaking off the fall from the tree, the fall for the bird was about twenty feet, it may have grazed one of the chairs of the fire bowl just before landing on the ground. The Caretaker examined the bird for at least a minute, he even thought about reaching out and touching it but figured that probably wouldn't do the bird much good and it probably wouldn't have done the Caretaker's hand much good, the sharp point on the beak looked a might fierce. He then thought about getting his camera but decided that it would be best to just leave the bird well enough alone, so the Caretaker went back into the Ghetto for a few minutes then returned to cocktail point to see if the bird had departed, it had. The breed of bird was shared with the Caretaker by T. but he remembers it not, either way, this breed seems a bit weird, and the Caretaker should know, he's got weird a plenty going on all the time.

In other news, last night while out to dinner with S. it was shared with the Caretaker that what's holding up the memoir is that the digital copy of what has been written so far has been lost. The Caretaker's response was to offer to type out from the hard-copy on to his computer thus creating a digital copy. So far he has completed the introduction and chapter one. If all goes well he should have the transcription finished by the end of the week or so. After it is all transcribed the Caretaker will be e-mailing the file to S. so he can get to work on finishing what was started. Perhaps by next Spring S. will have finished the rough draft? Be interesting to see who finishes their rough draft first, S. or the Caretaker?

Before there was the blog the Caretaker sent out posts via e-mail, the following is from the Caretaker's second winter on the Island:

IR 7/30/07:
No report, just this photo.

--The Caretaker

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