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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Caretaker's Concern for 9/29/2010

TCC for 9/29/10:
Flower shots from the King's Garden at Fort Ticonderoga, the first one isn't a flower, it's a cabbage.

The following photo is the core image for the current blog cover image, 9/26/10 to 10/3/10:

Below is a shot of the deadly "Vampire Bee", they sting and suck the blood out of you and turn it into honey. The Caretaker was lucky to get the shot and then out of there alive, the King's Garden is known by all the locals to be run by vampires who feel no need to tell the tourists about the dangers of the "Vampire Bee", mostly because the vampires want the blood honey that the Vampire Bees make. Stay away from the King's Garden it truly is a tourist trap!

Before there was the blog the Caretaker sent out posts via e-mail, the following is from the Caretaker's second winter on the Island:

IR 8/1/07

As to yesterday's photo. To be honest, when the Caretaker got to reading his e-mail yesterday, he couldn't for the life of him figure out what anyone was talking about. So he went back and looked at the photo again. Odd that. He never noticed the ghostly figures. Maybe there is something to the stories after all.

In other news, the Caretaker picked up the second proof run of enlargements, he is rather pleased with them, pleased with them indeed.

Today's photo is a variation from one sent out in the winter, this one is in "landscape", the one from the winter was in "portrait", then again it might be the exact same image, Caretaker can't remember, he only knows that this one was in the extra's folder. Either way, if nothing else perhaps by looking at it you won't feel so hot this first of August.

And so in conclusion, from the guy who "taped lollipops to beer cans", got a "beating from his rescuers from the ice", AND had his image "stolen and put on t-shirts" he must first address a usage problem.

There were no images of The Caretaker "naked" in yesterday's photo. The Caretaker was "nude".
Naked is unclothed and unprotected, vulnerable.
Nude is just unclothed.
When you spend your winters as the Caretaker does, no running water, etc. it is quite safe to say that when parading about on the Island on a warm summer night with no clothes on you are not "naked". Quite the contrary. In comparison to life on the Island in the winter, out and about on the Island in the summer with no clothes on is a "walk in the park", but I digress.

The Caretaker would like to apologize for not being able to respond personally to everyone's e-mails and inquiries regarding this photo, but he will address all questions in this IR.

The setting on the camera was just one of a rather long exposure time, some 15 to 25 seconds or so.

No one else was on the Island but the Caretaker when this "photo" was taken.
The only person (or people) you see is(/are) the Caretaker(s).
Now, as to the sighting of E.T., that the Caretaker cannot explain.

How the Caretaker did it: As stated in the IR with this photo, the Caretaker got the idea for this shot from the night before. If he finds the photo he will attach it along with this IR. Anyway, so he lit up the house and started taking photos with a very long exposure. After a few shots he thought, why not put himself in the photo, and so he hit the shutter button and ran into the shot and stood there while the camera took the shot. After seeing the results he got the idea of putting himself in a number of places in one photo. And so the Caretaker took a number of shots positioned in various places.
Why is the Caretaker nude in the photo? It's hot, it's summer, he's on an Island and there is no one else there, why wear clothes? As to being nude in the photo, why bother going to put on clothes? In the end, as far as "effect", having a ghostly appearance in the photo it seems to work rather well, if you were a ghost, why bother with clothes? You're a ghost, why bother with modesty?

By using a tripod the Caretaker was able to take the exact same shot over and over again, then in Photoshop he used one photo for the background, and then cut and pasted himself from all the other photos, because the shot is exactly the same all the cutting and pasting lines up exactly. However, that is only if you use the same background shot as the rest of the photos. The first time the Caretaker did this, when he was finished he decided there wasn't enough Caretaker in the shot. Seeing that the right foreground was sort of empty he went back outside and took another photo. However, he managed to jostle the tripod and so it was knocked from the original location, not by much, but it did move. What does this mean? The Caretaker had to do a bit of moving and cutting to get everything to look in place. Although it required a little bit of effort, it was well worth it. The shot that was used for the background had much more moonlight in it than the others so it made for an even better shot. To illustrate the point the Caretaker will attach a photo from the first shooting.
I believe that should explain everything, the Caretaker apologizes for being so curt and direct on the subject but the time he alloted for today's IR was reduced by a distraction of Meh. He felt compelled to explain/explore a particular usage of Meh, but what can you do? You can't deny the Meh. The Caretaker might even put together "The Book of Meh--an explanation and exploration of all the many uses of Meh."
Caretaker's gotta go.

--The Caretaker

P.S. The Caretaker's first thought as to putting himself in the photo was to do cartwheels. So if you were on the Island you would have seen the Caretaker doing cartwheels in front of the camera. It didn't work. When using light in a long exposure if something doesn't give off light it must remain still enough for the camera to capture the obstruction of light, at least I think that's how it goes. Whatever it is, that is why there is no ghostly image of the Caretaker doing nude cartwheels.
I think I do have Island Mind-Rot. Want some?
One last thing the Caretaker almost forgot, yes, he is that fat. Caretaker needs to get thinner, Caretaker needs to skip dinner.

P.P.S. As far as the Caretaker knows, there is no such thing as a "Vampire Bee" but there could be, and the King's Garden is not run by vampires, but it could be.

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