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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Caretaker's Concern for 10/6/2010

TCC for 10/6/10:

Lake Temperature, 60.5 F.
Outside Temperature:56 F.
Ghetto Temperature: 54.5 F.

It has been rather rainy, chilly and breezy these past few days, often with low clouds and or fog, not much to photograph. More photos from the archive and a video.

Early dawn, 9/16/10:

The last group of photos from the King's Garden at Fort Ticonderoga, 9/23/10:

Parting shot of the King's Garden at the end of the visit:

Fireworks in Bolton Bay, Lake George, N.Y. Early September 2010.

This footage is only so-so, there was some wind which diminished the sound somewhat but if you listen carefully you can hear the rumbling echo off the mountains.

In other news, since the Caretaker wasn't able to get down to NYC this past weekend perhaps he should take this time to highlight the Becca Stevens Band. The first album by the band is titled:

Tea Bye Sea

The follow up album is due out in February, to see video of the band playing songs from the first album and songs from the yet to be released second album go to YouTube and search: Becca Stevens Band.

If the Caretaker were to write a review of the Becca Stevens Band album, "Tea Bye Sea", this is what he would write:

If this album were a book it would be considered great literature, very high up in the cannon of great music. Like great literature, when you give a little of yourself to the work, you get tenfold and more in return. And, just like great literature, you can return to the work again and again and always get something new out of the experience. If my CD of Tea By Sea were an actual record it would have long since been rendered audioless by the needle of the record player from the countless playings. A collection of songs that entices you to drop what you're doing and just sit and listen time and time again.

The following are some links for the band:

Becca Stevens Band website.

Becca Stevens Band MySpace page.

Becca Stevens Band Facebook page.

Chances are the Caretaker will not be posting anything for the 7th of October, he will be down in Mattatuck, CT at the Mattatuck Museum taking in a performance by Lauren Sevian and her "Eb Quartet". The Caretaker expects it to be a most enjoyable performance. Since the Caretaker is down that way he will also be stopping in at the area Penzy's store to stock up on herbs and spices. His plan is to return late Thursday night, Friday is supposed to be a sunny day and there is much the Caretaker has not been able to do due to all the rain. The clear sunny weather during the coming days is much anticipated, however, the nights are supposed to be clear too which means it will be cold, as of right now the forecast calls for it getting down to 35 degrees F. for the nights this weekend--what fun! Anyway, if there is time, the Caretaker will try and get a post out sometime on Friday, however, between what he would like to get done and the fact that his internet connection has become insufferably slow of late, he may not post again until Sunday or Monday.

Before there was the blog the Caretaker sent out posts via e-mail, the following is from the Caretaker's second year of living year round on the Island:

IR 8/30/07:

No report, just photos. The first photo is from the winter, perhaps it will help you keep cool. The second photo is from this past Monday night's moonlight "photo shoot".

Eat your Thursday sandwich--it'll get you ready for Friday.

--The Caretaker

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