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Friday, February 15, 2008

TCC for 2/15/08

The Caretaker's Concern 2/15/08
Ghetto temp. 47 F. and rising.
Island tmp. 27 F. Yesterday's L/H: 24/30.5 F.
Current conditions:

Since yesterday went a touch less than smoothly, the Caretaker decided it would be best to remain on the Island today. It wasn't exactly safe outside so the Caretaker decided it would be best to remain indoors. The day was mostly sunny and windy, so all the ice that had accumulated on the trees began to give way. Essentially it was raining ice for much of the day. It sounds nice, but it is decidedly not nice when it falls on your head. Because the Caretaker was thwarted from showing his portfolio to all but one shop owner he decided that since the portfolio was made up of just the images he had on hand he should take the time to put together a proper portfolio, one that can showcase most all of his work. Well, at least most all of what he thinks is marketable to the general public. And so as the sounds of tinkling crystal and breaking glass, and even the occasional boom and bang, all from the ice falling off the trees, the Caretaker spent the day inside finalizing images to be brought to the printer at a later date.

Just after sunset, early dusk, the Caretaker brought his camera down to the South boathouse dock looking to see if there was any color in the Southern sky. There wasn't, at least not much that was in anyway remarkable. Walking back to the Ghetto he noticed that the sound of each step through the crusted snow sounded like shattering glass. The recent rain on top of the snow had frozen over the snow such that at times the Caretaker wasn't breaking through, he walked right on top, but when he did break through it was curious to hear the sound of breaking glass.

Here is a "bonus" poem from the archive for the day after Valentine's Day:

"Never Forget The Moon"

Whenever we are apart,
My love so true,
We will always have the moon.

The warmth we will feel start
In the champagne silver glow,
Stems from the heart,
As only moonlight can sew.

But no matter if it's last, full, first, or new,
Or even when eclipsed of light,
We will be amongst one another in the night.

While others look for the man in the moon,
I'll see no one but you.
For in the moon I will see
The reflection of you.
And you too, in the moon you will see,
The reflection of me.

No matter the distance,
We will always be together
In the reflection of the moon.

So as I part from you now,
It always seems too soon,
Sharing moonlight tears,
You whisper to me how,
And I say to you:
Never forget the moon.

--The Caretaker

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