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Monday, June 2, 2008

TCC for 6/2/08

The Caretaker's Concern 6/2/08
Lake Temp. 59.75F.
Ghetto temp. 69 F.
Island tmp. 74 F. Yesterday's L/H: coolish/warmer.
Current conditions: occasional wind from the North, mostly clear overhead, a few clouds to the North West, dense clouds to the East. Intermittent motorcycle noise from the West shore of the mainland, this week is "Ameri-racket" it will go on for the entire week, unfortunately.

A while back the Caretaker made mention of the sky's reflection on the water looking like a horizontal lava lamp, the top photo was taken today, it is an example of what the Caretaker was talking about.

The Caretaker spent the morning in the kitchen bottling and brewing kombucha tea, this latest batch was bottled with fresh strawberries and fresh mint, he'll find out tomorrow evening if this was a good choice of flavoring for kombucha. Aside from kombucha the Caretaker also prepared a batch of kim-chee, it has been a little while since he made kim-chee, he is looking forward to when this latest batch will be ready for consumption.

Through much of the morning and early afternoon the wind was from the North, rather gusty at times. Come late afternoon it settled down for the most part, blowing gently over the honeysuckle bushes on the North side of the Ghetto, while passing between the Ghetto and the main house the Caretaker noticed this charmingly sweet air. Much of the honeysuckle is in bloom on the Island, it is a wild breed that grows much like a weed. It gives off a lovely aroma, unfortunately it's flower has very little nectar so not much taste can be drawn from it. Down in North Jersey where the Caretaker grew up, most all of the honeysuckle had flowers you could drink the nectar from, granted it was usually but a drop or two, but being potent like saffron it was often enough to fill the mouth with flavor, satisfying yet leaving you wanting for more. Sometimes the Caretaker would be late for school because he would allow himself to be drawn into the honeysuckle bushes along the way of his walk.

During the early evening the Caretaker did some raking over on Clay island, while there he noticed the noise of "Ameri-racket" (otherwise known as Americade). The Caretaker has nothing against motorcycles, even finds them fun to ride, although it has been quite a long time since he last drove one. Fun or not, the motorcyclist who operates their motorcycle with straight pipes (i.e. no muffler) or the whine of the "crotch-rocket" is not fun to listen to, thankfully for the Caretaker he does not live on the main street in town during the week of "Ameri-racket".

--The Caretaker


rita said...

ahhh the honeysuckle bushes...
they can get you into trouble hahaha... "late for school again
little mr. caretaker."

that tea concoction sounds yummy!

The Caretaker said...

Rita, sorry I have taken so very long to post and respond to your comment. very troublesome. I hope you got a chance to try out the tea concoction.