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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

TCC for 6/3/08

The Caretaker's Concern 6/3/08
Lake Temp. 59.5 F.
Ghetto temp. 64 F.
Island tmp. 66 F. Yesterday's L/H: 60.5/66 F.
Current conditions: Total cloud coverage, brisk wind from the East, about 10 to 15 mph, a wee bit chilly.

A rather nice sunrise this morning, it was a mostly calm and relatively flat morning on the Lake, come the afternoon the wind began to pick up a bit, coming from the Narrows. As the evening passed the wind picked up more and more on into the night getting up to around 10 to 15 mph with some occasional higher gusts.

Today was "bring the aluminum motor boat to the welder day", K. was kind enough to offer his services to tow the boat up the mountain to the welder. Thanks for the help K. Unfortunately it would turn out to be all for naught, oh, well. So K. and the Caretaker arrived at the appointed time but the welder was nowhere to be found. Eventually a friend of the welder came out.

"Where should we leave the boat?" Asked the Caretaker.
"How about over the embankment," said the welder's friend.
The Caretaker looked at him blankly, he was not amused.
"Ha, ha. That's probably where he would want it, ha. Why don't you put it over there, tell me what it is you want to have done to the boat and I'll pass on the information."

This did not look promising to the Caretaker, but having no other option the Caretaker left the boat and returned to the Lake.

After taking lunch back at the Island the Caretaker went to town to pick up some paint for the light pole. He then went to the post office to pick up his mind rot mug that came in the mail. From there the Caretaker went over to Clay to get some raking done. Someone had mowed the grass, and thus the leaves on the grass, without a grass catcher creating small fine bits of leaves. This cause a slight bit of extra work for the Caretaker, but it was of little problem because he used his bamboo raking fury technique and took care of it in a jiffy.

When the Caretaker returned to the Island there was a message on the answering machine, it was from the welder, he said he couldn't do anything for the boat, the rivets needed to be pounded, come pick the boat up as soon as possible.
The Caretaker was not exactly pleased with this information, tomorrow the Caretaker will have to figure out a way to get ahold of a vehicle with a tow-hitch.

--The Caretaker


lola coca-cola said...


The Caretaker said...

Thanks Lola, glad you like the photos. Nice floral shots on your blog.

rita said...

this story of the boat- really cracked me up....
i'm sure it was not that entertaining for you at the moment!

The Caretaker said...

Glad you enjoyed the boat story. I would agree with you that I did not find it entertaining at the time, but I did find it mildly amusing. Thankfully I find much of what happens in life at the very least mildly amusing.