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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

TCC for 10/28/08

The Caretaker's Concern 10/28/08
Lake Temp. 53 F.
Ghetto temp. 43.5 F.
Island tmp. 42 F. Yesterday's L/: 38 F.
Current conditions: Blustery winds from the North West to the North East, mild breezes gusting up to 25 mph at times, rain off and on, heavy at times, total cloud coverage, fog. These current conditions pretty much describe the weather for the entire day, The Caretaker rarely lets the weather get him down, and not that today's weather got him down, but talk about a miserable day of weather, he didn't even bother to get out his camera.




The Caretaker picked up the plumber and brought him back to the Island to shut off the water. For a fourth year in a row the Caretaker is subjecting himself to 6 months of no running water, it's a long way from here to the beginning of May when the water will be turned on again. The Caretaker spent part of his day doing work for the Island, the other part of his day was spent getting his "No running water, water system" up and running. He was planning on getting in one last shower off the house water system before the plumber shut off the water, but the weather outside was so dark and stormy this morning that he decided he would wait for this evening to use his "no running water, shower system" instead. He just recently finished up taking a shower, still works rather nicely.

There have been times when people have wondered how it is that the Caretaker gets by on no running water through the Winter months, wonder no more, well, wonder not for long, in about a week or two the Caretaker will reveal all on how he does it: hot shower, filtered water, cooking, dishes, etc. For much of this he will probably resort to video which will be more convenient for him and most likely more instructive to you the reader.

For the most part it was a rather uneventful day, so, given that it is less than seven days away from the Presidential election for the United States, the Caretaker has decided to take this time to impart some advice:

Go vote on election day. Not registered? Go get registered. The Caretaker doesn't care who you vote for, just go vote. As citizens of a Democracy, it is the one responsibility you should never shirk.

The Caretaker will not be endorsing any candidates, personally he feels neither of the two main political parties are working to serve the interests of the populace--special interests seem to be their only concern. However, the Caretaker will say this, of the two main presidential candidates, one scares him while the other bores him. So, of the these two evils, the Caretaker would rather be bored than scared for the next four years. After the election the Caretaker will take the time to share his thoughts on why neither party serves the interest of the people, and, the Caretaker will share with you what he would do if he were to be elected President of the United States.

Until tomorrow...
--The Caretaker


Annie said...

Can't wait to hear/see about your no-running water system!
BTW, your main photo is really nice.

The Caretaker said...

Hey Annie,
Thanks for the compliment, glad you like the photo, it seems to be one that a lot of people like. The no running water system itself may not be all that exciting but hopefully the presentation will be entertaining enough.