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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

TCC for 10/29/08

The Caretaker's Concern 10/29/08
Lake Temp. 52.5 F.
Ghetto temp. 39 F.
Island tmp. 36 F. Yesterday's L/H: 38/42F.
Current conditions: Cloud filled sky, occasional wind gusts but mostly calm. Throughout the day the sky was cloud covered, wind from the South, West, and North, mostly just a breeze with occasional gusts. Off and on snow flurries, no accumulation, snow fall from last night did accumulate on the surrounding mountain tops, here at Lake level the precipitation was just rain. The forecast calls for some Sun tomorrow, the Caretaker is looking forward to that, and the temperature is supposed to rise to the fifties, the Caretaker is really looking forward to that. So far the Caretaker has gone without heat, he's a little low on propane since he never refilled from the end of last season, also, he still has to locate some hoses and get his heater out. Until he does that he will be pursuing the pleasures of life in the mid to upper 30's degrees Fahrenheit, which to be honest, he's finding it to be not all that bad. Usually during the Winter he tries to maintain the Ghetto at around 60 degrees F. but he's thinking he might look to lower the temperature, probably not as low as the high 30's, but probably at least to the low 50's.




The morning began considerably calmer then yesterday as far as the weather goes. It was actually a few degrees cooler then yesterday but with a lot less wind so it didn't feel too cold. Although, in comparison to others in the greater New York area and beyond, yesterday's weather here on the Lake was a lot less severe than for others--power outages, loss of heat, water, etc. The Caretaker's heart goes out to those people, to lose such amenities when so accustomed to having them is a little tough to deal with, especial for the elderly or those with small children.

The Caretaker's day today was actually quite productive, he did some work for the Island, became further organized in his preparations for the Winter, took care of some things in town, AND, managed to get in another hot shower this evening even though his on-demand water heater was trying to give him the business. His heater doesn't like to operate in these colder temperatures, well, actually, the battery for the water pump for his on-demand water heater doesn't like to run at these colder temperatures, so the Caretaker warmed up the battery a bit and got hot water, on demand-ish. Tomorrow the Caretaker is going to try and see if he can come up with an AC/DC power converter that will plug into the wall thus allowing him to bypass using the battery. If this could be arranged, the Caretaker would have no problems spending this Winter in the Ghetto in the mid 40's.
Got to lower that carbon footprint.
--The Caretaker

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