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Sunday, January 11, 2009

TCC for 1/11/09

The Caretaker's Concern 1/11/09

Ghetto temp. 40 F.
Island tmp. 17 F. Today's L/H: 12/18 F.

Current conditions: Cloud covered sky, not too thick but rich enough to dim the light of the Moon, mild wind at best, whispering from the North North East.




It was cold and windy on the Lake for most all of the day, eventually the clouds gave way to the Sun and when out of the Wind it was rather pleasant, but when there was no shelter not even the warmth of the Sun could reach you.

The icy breeze stripped the body of warmth, exposed flesh suffered more pain than when blistered from heat. Not much in the way of birds on the wing, even they were chilled to stay home and nest. The ice is up, more than likely plenty safe enough to walk on, but the Caretaker did not dare.

Not even a few hesitant tapings, the thought of an icy plunge wasn't so bad, but to have to then rise up out of the water amid the below freezing air temperature while suffering the wind--the blows of which rip through clothes, body, and soul like the Grim Reaper itself sucking the life--a wind, a lost breath. This Wind, this Wind's touch ravaged cold, slaked on warmth, laughed, then hurried on--one breath in, two degrees down, one breath in, two degrees down...

Up above,
The silent Sun,
Unaware its warm embrace was danced away upon the fast dashing feet of the freezing Wind. Graceful the ice Wind always will be, a charm chilled cold, casting an invisible shadow darker than the eclipse of the Sun,

Forever this cold Wind, forever it feels, forever it numbs, forever silent,

Alright, maybe it wasn't THAT bad, well, it WASN'T that bad, at least not for the Caretaker, he spent most of the day inside the Ghetto trying to get caught up on blog posts since the 1st of the month, e-mails, phone calls, etc. He did manage to get outside to take a few photos, nothing remarkable except that the black ice is gone. Unfortunately the snowfall from last night and this morning has most likely frozen to the ice due to the afternoon Sun. Based on the weather report for the next 7 days or so it doesn't look like we'll be getting a thaw any time soon so it appears that there will be no ice skating this year on black ice. It is rather cold so there is a chance that some of the snow might not have frozen to the ice, there might be some spots that could be cleared for skating, the Caretaker will look into it on Tuesday but he is not holding his breath.

--The Caretaker


AK said...

Just get one of these.

The Caretaker said...

Hey AK,
Sorry so late on getting back to you. Brilliant photo of a brilliant device, would love to have one for out on the Lake here by the Island. Maybe next winter.