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Friday, February 13, 2009

TCC for 2/13/09

The Caretaker's Concern 2/13/09

The Caretaker has been away for about 7 days or so, he is now back at the Island. He's got plenty to report but is still trying to get caught up after having been away for a while. He's got lots to share and lots to explain, he hopes to be able to do so come tomorrow.

In this post is a photo from today, and in honor of Valentine's Day the Caretaker has posted a photo of a rose that he took while he was away. Also in honor of Valentine's Day the Caretaker has posted a poem, it's actually lyrics to a song that he came up with a while ago but hasn't made the time to finish writing it so what he's got for now will have to do (it's just a working title). It probably doesn't really read too well but it does sound much better when sung, someday the Caretaker will sing it for you.



"If For No Other Reason"

So I,
Wanted you
To know why,
I'm in love with
Your mind
And all of your
Heart and your soul.

It feels right,
By your side
When we hold tight
Through the night
And I know I,
Will never,
Want to let go.

Want you now,
But daylight
Crowds your brow.
I fall high
Without you now
So low.
Oh babe,
Don't go.

In my arms you'll always be

In my heart I'll always dream
Home, with you.

--The Caretaker


donna said...

can't wait to hear the tune...

Me said...

Happy Valentine's Day.

The Caretaker said...

Hey Donna,
Down to three strings on the guitar, have a new set but haven't gotten around to putting them on, perhaps someday soon.

The Caretaker said...

Hey Me,
You're so sweet, Happy Valentine's Day to you too.