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Monday, February 2, 2009

TCC for 2/2/09

Unfortunately the Caretaker is currently having some trouble uploading photos, not that he took any today, and there really isn't much to report, so, instead the Caretaker has decided to dig out his journal from when he first started working again at the Island. His first stint was during the mid-nineties, then he returned for the Summer of 2003, the text that follows has been edited only for spelling, it is basically a verbatim transcription from his journal (thus unedited except for coherency), this first entry is from his first day back at the Island. It is as follows:

May 25th, 2003, Sunday
I have returned. Thank God. It has been about four years or so since I have been the caretaker. I did have the pleasure of visiting for a weekend two years ago for the 75th anniversary of the family’s ownership of the Island. It was nice to see the Island, but it is bliss to live here once again.

I was a bit skeptical of my means of getting here, but thankfully my doubts went unrealized. To be honest I’m not sure if I really believe that I made it here without a hitch. Truth be known, I did, and thankful for it.

My overall plan upon arrival was to get my belongings into the house. Other than that I allowed myself the right to do whatever I wished, and so I did.

I messed about with my newly purchased Coleman stove top oven and found that placing it off to the side of the stove in order to center the flame is a bad idea. Thankfully I was only reheating pizza from a pizza shop for when I went to remove the first slice I managed to knock the oven off the stove, turn it sideways, holding one side with my foot the other with the door. Eventually I removed the pizza slice and replaced the oven to the stove. This is the learning process. I hope my curve is intelligent. In the end it all worked out.

I took T’s “canoe” for a paddle. It is more like a paper cup. Only about eight feet long, but does the job--very light and nimble. Really gets you where you need to go. I look forward to using it more often in the future.

Today I paddled out to Dome Island. It was quite a pleasure—I’m looking forward to camping out there for a night: “illegally” of course but I will do nothing more than sleep there. I hope it’s worth it. It will be.

Other than unload my gear and paddle around Dome Island I didn’t do much today but I’m okay with that—I live on the Island now, all things are good.
I plan to do a lot of hiking this year and biking and swimming, and anything else—I’ll be doing it.

I was planning on camping out on Sloop Island tonight, but the weather man calls for Rain, so I will just have to wait for a dry night—or not.

End Journal entry for 5/25/2003

Coming tomorrow, the Caretaker’s Journal entry for 5/26/2003

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