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Saturday, February 7, 2009

TCC for 2/7/09

TCC for 2/7/09

Posting of the Caretaker’s Journal entries from 2003 began on the 2nd of February 2009, if you’ve missed the earlier posts click on “TCC for Feb 02” on the left in the “Blog Archive” and begin reading from there.

Unfortunately the Caretaker is currently having some trouble uploading photos, not that he took any today, and there really isn't much to report, so instead the Caretaker has decided to dig out his journal from when he first started working again at the Island. His first stint was during the mid-nineties, then he returned for the Summer of 2003, the text that follows has been edited only for spelling, it is basically a verbatim transcription from his journal (thus unedited except for coherency), this sixth entry is from his sixth day back at the Island. It is as follows:

May 30th, 2003, Friday

(Dear reader, after reading this journal entry I think you will see why it is that the Caretaker’s current story is filtered through a third person narrator. There was some debate about censoring some of this but in the end the decision was to let it go out pretty much as it was originally written, despite the fact that it will probably result in a drop in readership. Apologies to those who might be offended.—Caretaker’s note, 2/7/2009)

The latter half of the day was mostly a bust. The first half was quite a success. Went to the dump and got rid of recyclables and an old carpet. Mowed the lawn. On the way to Glens Falls I stopped at Ron’s Hardware for a rat trap. I’m going to use it to catch the chipmunk or chipmunks that are on the Island getting into the walls of the house. After I catch the chipmunk I’m going to skin it and save the fur. (For what?—Caretaker’s note, 2/7/2009)

After Ron’s, most of the day that followed was a failure. The phone book I’m working from is about four years old and much of the information is out of date. The cobbler is either out of business or has moved. One art store is out of business, the other art store is not much of an art store, a third art store was nowhere to be found. The place I went to for a price on filling propane tanks stopped filling tanks last year. Never found the Chrysler dealer. The one guitar shop had about zero selection. Much of the rest of the list I just didn’t even bother with.

I did find the Japanese restaurant, but had to wait 45 minutes for it to open for the dinner hour. While waiting I walked over to the Health food store—it was closed, I arrived too late. Next to the Health food store is an Internet “café”. It isn’t much of a café and the place was filled with gamers. I spoke to the owner and he told me his rates. The placed smelled disgusting. He offered to kick one of the gamers off so I could check my e-mail but I declined the offer. The place smelled disgusting, did I mention that? Why don’t gamers shower? Also, why do they smell so bad? It’s not like they exert themselves in anyway physically other than to push a few keys, move a mouse, and fill their holes with soda and junk food—usually chips and candy. All they do is sit on their asses all day. They must go for weeks without showering, or weeks without changing their clothes, maybe both?

Now I’ll be honest, I can go a few days without bathing and it doesn’t bother me, that is if I won’t be interacting with people, however there are some people I know of who believe that one shower a day is far too few. But these gamers they seem to have adopted the Victorian ethic towards bathing. Truth be known, they’re probably all good people once you get to know them, but take a damn shower! I’m not one for organized religion, but I do believe that cleanliness is next to Godliness.

From what I saw there was only one female amongst all the gamers, she was a gamer too. I would take the time to get to know her. I didn’t get a chance to see her face distinctly but I would at least happily give her the time of day, and if she was charming enough, I’d ask her to shower and then a date. The guys? Get to know them? What for? They don’t need to know me, what they need is a shower and some sunlight—if not for the color at least the Vitamin D, not to mention it would help to clear up their acne. Well whatever.

Oh, by the way, what it really is, is a computer gaming hall, as for a “café”, there were packaged chips, candy, and soda offered and a cafeteria table, and I think a vending machine. After leaving the “internet café” I went to the library and checked my e-mail for free. I also used my Bolton Landing library card to checkout a book on taxidermy to be used in the skinning of the rodents on the Island. (Again, for what? For the record, the Caretaker never skinned any rodents. –Caretaker’s note, 2/7/2009)

After I finished with the Library it was about time for the Japanese restaurant to open again for dinner. I sat at the sushi bar and had miso, seaweed salad, a large beer and sushi. They also have a hibachi table. It’s main focus is Korean food but also do Japanese which is somewhat interesting because traditionally the Japanese and Chinese hate the Koreans, referred to them as garlic eaters as a putdown. Well, as far as I know, traditionally the Japanese hated everyone and the Chinese intended to rule the world. Anyway, I shall make a point to return to “The Mikado” in Glens Falls. I shall make a point to try Korean food and will certainly have sushi again.

After dinner I did some food shopping then went to see a movie. The movie was pretty ho-hum. If I were to give it a subtitle it would be “Re-stupid”. (If the Caretaker recalls correctly this was the last movie he’s seen in a theater since, and now that he thinks about it he probably hasn’t seen a movie on DVD or similar venue since then either.—Caretaker’s note, 2/7/2009)

Leaving the cinema I realized it would be dark by the time I returned to the Island and brought no flashlight, however I did have matches and I left the lantern outside, so I found it to be no trouble at all.

Overall the day was okay, I just wish I had current information on the location of the stores I needed to go to or at least knew if they were still in business. It was a sunny day today, the first since I’ve been here and I spent much of it running around on the mainland on a wild goose chase.

After filling my 1978 Plymouth Volare an older gentleman asked me about my car and then shared with me: “I remember when we bought one back in the 70’s, it was a station wagon too, we thought we were so rich, I think we paid $6000 dollars. That slant six, it sure goes a long time.”

I agreed with him about the slant six. I wonder who else will come out of the woodwork regarding the Volare?

End Journal Entry for 5/30/2003
Coming tomorrow the Caretaker’s journal entry for 5/31/2003.


Cord said...

I often regret not having taken the pelts of the squirrels I shot on the island in '86. Or at least their tails to hang from the rafter in the Ghetto as trophies. I guess by the time I realized how many I would have to shoot to get rid of them, it was too late.

The Caretaker said...

Hey Cord,
Isn't that always the way? My usual practice is to give them a shot at entering a have-a-heart trap which I then bring them over to the Tongue Mt. range. If they don't enter the trap after a few days I then resort to shooting them. It would be nice if the rodents would stay out of the house, then they could remain on the Island in harmony with the rest of us, but when given and inch they always take a mile.