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Friday, February 6, 2009

TCC for 2/6/09

TCC for 2/6/09

Posting of the Caretaker’s Journal entries from 2003 began on the 2nd of February 2009, if you’ve missed the earlier posts click on “TCC for Feb 02” on the left in the “Blog Archive” and begin reading from there.

Unfortunately the Caretaker is currently having some trouble uploading photos, not that he took any today, and there really isn't much to report, so instead the Caretaker has decided to dig out his journal from when he first started working again at the Island. His first stint was during the mid-nineties, then he returned for the Summer of 2003, the text that follows has been edited only for spelling, it is basically a verbatim transcription from his journal (thus unedited except for coherency), this fifth entry is from his fifth day back at the Island. It is as follows:

May 29th, 2003, Thursday

Much of today was spent in compiling a list of things to be done when I go to the “big city” (i.e. the greater Glens Falls area). Aside from compiling the list I also had to look up in the phone book the location of the various stores I shall have to go to. I did some work in the Ghetto, but still have more to do. Did some work for the Island but not much. Tomorrow I will mow the lawn, go to the dump, go to Glens Falls, etc. etc. It will be a busy day tomorrow.

I went canoeing this evening out around Crown Island and back, was considering also going around Green Island, but due to a lack of time I decided to save it for another day.

Went to town today and got myself a library card and then checked out a book on fishing. I figure it is about time I learned how to do it. At the very least I figure I should be able to troll while I go canoeing—with no electricity, and even with electricity, the Lake can store fish much better than I ever can. Might as well learn to take advantage of it.

Late in the evening, at dusk to be precise, I was on the North patio reading up on how to fish when two ducks, male and female, came towards me on land in a sexual flurry. I sat there quietly and motionless. However, either this drake lacks stamina in comparison to others, or it doesn’t take much to impregnate a duck, or, perhaps he saw me and then became embarrassed and so due to stage fright could not carry on. Either way, after about 10 seconds he dismounted and then sort of stood there in a bit of a daze, eventually he flew off. The female duck eventually waddled around a bit seeming to pay no notice to me and eventually, long after the drake, she too flew off.

I found the event to be amusing.

End Journal Entry for 5/29/2003

Coming tomorrow the Caretaker’s journal entry for 5/30/2003.

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