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Monday, March 15, 2010

The Caretaker's Concern for 3/15/2010

TCC for 3/15/10:

The Caretaker woke up earlier than he had to this morning due to the time change for "Day Light Savings", he was awake well before sunrise so he didn't get up and out right away. Some 45 minutes or so later the Caretaker heard the tinkling of ice just outside his window which meant only one thing, the ice was going out. The Caretaker put on some boots and headed outside and sure enough the ice was on the move, it had started sometime during the night. The wind was from the Narrows, it caused substantial ice build up on the island.

8 am:

11 am:

1 pm:

From 4 pm on into the evening:

Thus concludes ice-out for 2010, for now. Chances are pretty good that there is still plenty of ice still locked in up in the Narrows, depending on the wind and the weather it could come this way, or not. Same too probably for up in Northwest Bay, and also perhaps down at the Southern end of the Lake if today's wind didn't break-up all the ice South of the Island. For the most part the Island made it through unscathed by this round of ice-out, some rocks on the shore were pushed around but that was about it.

The Caretaker is both happy and sad, ice-out is a major marker of the year. He will miss the song of the ice which was quite constant this year due to there being little to no snow on the ice for most of the Winter. Now until next ice-in it will be the lap of waves along the shore. Ice-out has occurred relatively early this year offering little opportunity for flat water providing reflections of the shore but it also means that the swimming season will most likely start early too which is a good thing, especially since last year, due to the constant rain and cloud cover in June and July the Lake didn't really warm up until August.

No more need for ice-skates.

--The Caretaker

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