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Monday, April 19, 2010

The Caretaker's Concern for 4/19/2010

TCC for 4/19/2010

Photos from the archive.



Before there was the blog the Caretaker sent out posts via e-mail, the following is from the Caretaker's second winter on the Island:


Outside temp: 20 F
Ghetto temp: 55 F
Wind: N, 5-10 mph gusting up to 20, variable.
Sky: mostly sunny with patchy clouds
Precipitation: none

The Caretaker skied over to Calves Pen to take a photo as per a request. Not much to report, people ice fishing, people on 4-wheelers and snowmobiles. The ice is continuing to lose snow due to wind, the x-c skiing is not so sporty. The other night the Caretaker heard some noise that sounded like snowmobiles, sure enough there were two snowmobiles racing past the East side of the Island. The following day while the Caretaker was skiing over to the mainland he noticed some snowmobile tracks that were heading right for the open water by the south dock, thankfully a disaster was averted because the driver eventually turned away. Chances are that it was one of or both of these "night riders"--Kitt must not work so well in the cold.

Many of you stated that you liked yesterday's sunrise picture, so I have attached another photo of the sun. There is also a photo of Calves Pen, for those who don't know, it is a cliff on the East shore where many people jump off from into the Lake. There was also a request for me to take some photos of myself while engaged in various activities, I will see what I can do, however, I'm the only one here to take the photos. I could use a tripod and timer, but due to the cold temperatures the camera tends to freeze up when kept outside of my pocket for long. Given these conditions, the Caretaker will do what he can. There is also a third photo of the South end of Dome Island looking up the Lake towards the Narrows.

Because I went for a run around Dome I have been threatened with having to join the swimmers for the annual Dome Island swim--the Caretaker may or may not meet the challenge. Unfortunately he is not a very fast swimmer and he certainly would not want to hold the group back.

It seems as though most everyone but a few are receiving the photos, if there are any more problems please e–mail me and I will resend them to you directly.

The Caretaker hasn't spoken to any ice fisherman lately in order find out how thick the ice is and since the primitive tools he has for ice drilling take an awfully long time to reach water he doesn't know the exact thickness. Best guess is that the ice is probably 8 inches thick or more.

Someone made a comment about how they like to look at black ice because it is the only time they can see their reflection without the wrinkles. The Caretaker doesn't know what this person is talking about, he hasn't seen any wrinkles since they met, perhaps it is the charm of personality?

A member of the Colorado contingent writes:
"55 is cold but in boulder we tend to wear T-shirts and shorts at 35-45 so =D
yay (sic) boulder!"

This certainly surprises the Caretaker, he always thought Coloradians were hardier than that. At those temperatures it is nothing but Underoos for the Caretaker (well, Underoo to be specific, he doesn't need the top.) Seriously though, a bright sunny day with lots of snow on the ground and no wind makes for a rather pleasant day indeed.

Lastly, someone asked about how the Caretaker handles his solid waste--as little as possible! Seriously though, this is a subject that may interest other people, but, it may also not interest many others, so I will not answer this question in detail in this e-mail. What little I will share at this point in time is: do you remember how well all the new grass seed came in this past summer? For those who are interested in the specifics of waste removal with no running water, I will compose a treatise on the the subject and attach it to a future update, this attachment will be properly marked so as that anyone who has no desire to read about such things will not have to do so. This treatise will be technical in nature and so will contain only technical language, in other words it won't be crass, be that as it may, some of you may still have zero interest in reading it and so I would suggest that you don't download it, and if you do by accident don't open it, and if you do open it by accident don't read it.



--The Caretaker

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