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Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Caretaker's Concern for 4/18/2010

TCC for 4/18/2010

Photos from the archive.



Before there was the blog the Caretaker sent out posts via e-mail, the following is from the Caretaker's second winter on the Island:


Outside temp: 10 F
Ghetto temp: 55 F
Wind: occasional SWS at 5 mph
Sky: patchy clouds, mostly sunny
Precipitation: none

Yesterday's ski to Log Bay on the East shore was a success in that the Caretaker made it over and back without going through the ice, unfortunately there was too little snow on the trails to ski on. Hopefully some new snow will come soon, the wind has taken away much of what was on the ice so the skiing is only so-so on the Lake. One plus about the trip to the East shore was some "pure black ice" was found. Someone had mentioned that they thought they saw Grandma's reflection in the ice, I can't say that I have had that experience yet, but standing over pure black ice is not a bad second. When you can find pure black ice stand over and look down blocking out everything else but the black ice. Because it is pretty much perfectly clear it very soon begins to look like you are standing over nothing, the void effect can be rather disconcerting. The Caretaker does not recommend the use of hallucinogens while doing this.

This morning the Caretaker went for a run around Dome Island and back. Since the ice is not so hot for skiing and not yet clear enough to skate on again he decided to go for a jog around Dome. So with running shoes and ice cleats on his feat and ice spikes in his hands he was off. And then he came back. Rather flat run, but quite amusing to say the least. It has been about a year or more since the Caretaker has gone for a run--and it shows. Fat boy's got-uh get thinner, fat boy's got-uh skip dinner. Though he did stop a couple of times to walk for a bit he did spend about 86.7% of the time running. He may very well be the very first person to have gone for a run around Dome. Over on the East side of Dome the Caretaker roused another Bald Eagle, or probably the same one from last week, next time he will try to remember to bring his camera to take a photo.

Should anyone have a request for a photo of anything in particular the Caretaker will do his best to satisfy.
Also, someone asked what "ghetto temp." is? The Ghetto is the name of the cabin I live in. It is the oldest standing structure on an island on Lake George. It is about 220 square feet, a one room arrangement. How did the Ghetto get the name Ghetto? It is a story I know, but I feel it is not my story to tell--perhaps someday you will get the chance to read about it in a particular book by a particular person who has made a good start of it so far but we are all waiting for the rest of it to be finished (cough--S.). So, Ghetto temp. is the temperature of the Ghetto at the time I write this. Yes to many of you 55 degrees F may seem a bit cold but after having come in after a run it is not too bad, also, you get used to the cold. More importantly, I will be leaving for the mainland shortly to pick up some work from my developer so I see no reason to crank the heat up to the usual 60 F that I try to keep it at whilst here for the day.
By the way, if anyone has any questions they would like to ask about winter life here on the Island please feel free to, as there are many things that I have become accustomed to it often times doesn't occur to me to make light of them.

I believe I have solved the photo problem, at least I have done all that I can on my end for now. Oddly enough there are many of you who have never once not received a photo. I did learn that there were some hackers who have been jamming up the entire "internets" by dumping loads and loads of data on to it ( or on to them, as it were). Hopefully there won't be any more problems, if there are, please let me know, thanks.



--The Caretaker

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