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Monday, July 19, 2010

The Caretaker's Concern for 7/19/2010

TCC for 7/19/10:

No new photos, just a few from the archive.
Photos from 6/6/10:

Nothing exciting happened on the Island yesterday, the Caretaker went for a short morning skull around Huddle Bay, then put some paint on a screen door. The Caretaker actually did some work? Believe it. Although, he didn't do much work, much of his day was spent up at the Village of Schroon Lake watching "Romeo & Juliet". He was pleasantly surprised that S. & L. did indeed want to attend the performance too, so they all loaded up in the car and headed on up to Schroon Lake. This time the weather permitted the play to be performed outside in the park, quite a nice venue. There is a two story structure in the park overlooking the lake, this served as the backdrop for the play. The structure is a sort of raised bandstand, it was obviously perfect for the balcony scenes. All of the "ground" action took place at ground level, same as the audience (i.e. not raised). The Caretaker and S. & L. choose seats right in the very front of the "stage", the Caretaker had the isle seat, a considerable amount of the action took place right in front of the Caretaker. He found it to be a rather amazing experience to be nearly a foot away at times from the actors as they performed the play, often quite intense at times. The performance was very good.

The play itself? Well, the Caretaker has always felt "Romeo & Juliet" to be a bit over the top, essentially it is about two teenagers who have gone totally insane. The Caretaker was a teenager, and he certainly remembers having done some rather foolish things out of "Love" but seriously people, if Romeo & Juliet took a couple of deep breathes and counted to 10 every once in a while they would have not killed themselves. Talk about impulsive. It has just occurred to the Caretaker that it might be amusing to write a spoof of "Romeo & Juliet" the only twist being that they are a little bit more considerate regarding their emotions and actions, or at least that would be the impetus, there is certainly much more within the script that can be farced (or would "farceacised" be a more appropriate construction?). Anyway, regardless of the Caretaker's opinion of the play itself, the Adirondack Shakespeare Company put on a great performance, which not only includes acting but live music. The Caretaker probably forgot to mention it in his last post on "As You Like It", there was live music in that performance too, can't beat a live performance of Shakespeare with live music.

The next performance is of "As You Like It" on July 22nd at 2:00 p.m. The Caretaker is seriously considering seeing this again, after that though he will most likely not return until the first performance of "MacBeth" on July 25th.

For more info. on the group and the time and dates of the remaining performances check out their website:

Coming tomorrow's post, that is if the rest of today is rather uneventful the Caretaker will be relating the story of his numerous "rescues" from last week--broken propeller, wayward swim raft, and people thrown from their boat with the engine in gear doing circles. After that, again if nothing of merit occurs, the Caretaker will relate some of the other things that have happened to either him or the Island over these past months, a couple hikes, house being set on fire, you know, the usual.

Photos from 4/27/10:

Before there was the blog the Caretaker sent out posts via e-mail, the following is from the Caretaker's second winter on the Island:

Island Ice Report for 3/20/07:

Outside temp:
Ghetto temp: 55 F
Wind: Blustery from the North, North West, 10 to 15 mph, gusting up to 20.
Sky: mostly clear
Precipitation: none

There isn't much to report today, the Caretaker spent much of the day on the mainland doing errands. It has occurred to the Caretaker that he never shared anything about his field trip up Buck Mountain, there isn't all that much to share but what little there is he will share now. Also, a particular photo that the Caretaker had taken from on top of Buck mt. was forgotten about until now, that photo is attached to this e-mail.
The Caretaker got an early start on the day. By the time he reached the East shore at Log Bay the sky was just starting to brighten the darkness. He took the trail to Dacy Clearing and then just before Dacy Clearing he went off on the trail that heads towards the trailhead for Buck Mountain. Just before crossing the road to the trailhead the Caretaker noticed a small arrow on a tree, thinking it was odd he decided to follow it. Not far from the arrow he noticed a low lying structure and so went to it. From the side he approached the structure from he couldn't tell what he was looking it, there was an opening to this side that looked rather odd, so he walked around the structure. When he got to the other side of the structure there was another opening and from here he realized what this structure was, at this point he also realized he was rather lucky that he didn't get too close to the side of the structure that he first walked up to. What the Caretaker was looking at was an outhouse that was laying on its side and where the Caretaker had first come to when approaching the outhouse was right near the hole in the ground that the out- house covers. That could have been quite a snowy mess to say the least and would have probably removed any desire the Caretaker may have had to climb Buck Mt. So now that the mystery of the outhouse was settled the Caretaker crossed the road and got on the trail up Buck Mt. For the most part that is about the only real excitement that occurred on the field trip. The hike up buck was pretty uneventful, once he made it to the top he took in the scenery for a bit, had some lunch and then walked all over the top of Buck Mt. After that rested some more and then headed on down the Mountain taking the trail that goes down the other side of Buck to Pilot Knob. The first part of this trail is rather steep which made the sled a nuisance, because of this the Caretaker strapped his skis to either side of his pack and then strapped the sled to his pack and then continued on down the mountain in his snow shoes. Half way down the steep part of the trail the Caretaker encountered a guy who was hiking up, they talked for a bit and then each went on his way. Eventually the Caretaker was able to put his skis on and ski the rest of the way down. Once he reached the road he realized that he would have to drag his sled down the road for a while until he reached a place of public access, well that is about as much fun as staying home and not going up Buck at all. Luckily the Caretaker used his special "Caretaker Sense" and noticed a home on the Lake right across from the trailhead that was not inhabited during the Winter and had been used by some snowmobilers to access the Lake. The Caretaker is not too keen on trespassing for a number of reasons but figured that technically he was not touching the property, just the snow, and nobody owns the snow so he'd be fine. The legal argument for this is about as strong as a wet paper bag so the Caretaker made a point to get on to the Lake lick-ity split and quickly ski away before the law could catch up to him. He didn't look back, he just skied right back to the Island. Well, after a while he looked over his shoulder to make sure there were no cop-ers hot on his trail, not seeing anyone he slackened his pace for the rest of the trip back to the Island. And that pretty much sums up the field trip up Buck Mountain.
Until tomorrow.

--The Caretaker

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