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Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Caretaker's Concern for 7/18/2010

TCC for 7/18/10

Photo of Last night's sunset:

Yesterday's sunset was nothing like the sunset from two days ago, speaking of the sunset from two days ago, did the Caretaker mention that the moon was out? It was, a little more than 3/8th's full, glowing cold white chrome. Anyway, the Caretaker didn't take many photos of yesterday's sunset so the above is probably not the best representation of the sunset's color and light at its peak amongst the Western sky. The Caretaker was down on Cocktail point with S. and L. enjoying the conversation and the muted light from the sunset that was coloring all the immediate surroundings. Everything was warm with a soft glow, the light filtering through the colored clouds was a mix of orange and red. Sometimes this soft filtered light at sunset is mostly neutral, often just after a mild rain ending as the sun goes down. This lighting doesn't happen all that often but it is one of the Caretaker's favorite experiences as far as natural lighting goes. Whenever it does happen and the Caretaker happens to be inside and notices it outside he drops whatever he is doing and goes outside and just looks. Looks at everything. Just looks. As a child, on Brandywine Road, whenever this lighting happened the Caretaker would go outside and wonder through his mother's rock garden and take in all the different colors and hues of all the varied flowers and stones. The Caretaker misses his mother's rock garden on Brandywine Road. He misses his mother.

Looking forward to today's 2:00 o'clock performance of "Romeo & Juliet" by the Adirondack Shakespeare Company at the Boathouse Theater in Schroon Lake Village. S. & L. expressed an interest in going too, the more the merrier. You should go too.

Photos from 6/6/10:

Before there was the blog the Caretaker sent out posts via e-mail, the following is from the Caretaker's second winter on the Island:

Island Ice Report for 3/19/07:

Outside temp: 20 F
Ghetto temp: 58 F
Wind: South South West, sustained winds of 20 to 25 mph
Sky: complete cloud coverage
Precipitation: light blowing snow

Not much to report today, the Caretaker went for a x-c ski to the Tongue Mountain range. He had originally planned to go for a snow shoe up the Tongue Mt. range but knowing that it would be an all day affair and given the weather report for clouds by mid-day and snow to start late in the afternoon the Caretaker decided to save that field trip for another day. No reason to go to such heights with little to no view due to clouds and snow, so, in light of that the Caretaker just went for a short ski to Tongue Mt. point and back. This turned out to be a very good idea because if the Caretaker had tried for Tongue he would have had to ski back fighting 20 to 25 mph winds and the accompanying blowing snow--this would have been miserable. Instead the Caretaker skied out when there was no wind with clear blue skies and skied back into a mild wind and light cloud coverage. Tonight the wind is still continuing to blow, thankfully it is from the South so the Ghetto is shielded from the wind by the main house. As far as the Caretaker is concerned the wind can blow as strong as it wants for as long as it wants from this direction, well, except when it starts bringing down tree limbs and or trees--which has happened. The Caretaker is mildly surprised that the power had not gone out yet, when there are sustained winds at 20/25 mph or higher usually a power line on the mainland that serves the Island goes out, however the wind is supposed to blow like this for a while so there is still a chance for the power to go out. This doesn't concern the Caretaker because he is all set to operate without any power, well, except that it would bring an end to these reports, at least until the power were to come back because the Caretaker's potato pile has long since been depleted. Other than that there isn't much else to report.

N. asks about yesterday's photo:
What's the bright spot in the middle of the island? Is the sun reflecting off of something or is that a reflection or defraction caused by the lenses of the camera?

It is a result of the lens on the digital camera, if I were using a film camera that light would show up as a blue, red, and yellow spectrum. For whatever reason a digital camera doesn't do that, however, there is apparently a lens that can be attached to a digital camera that will produce the spectrum effect.

--The Caretaker

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