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Friday, August 13, 2010

The Caretaker's Concern for 8/17/2010

TCC for 8/17/10:

Photos from the archive.




The Caretaker went to bed last night feeling that an illness was coming on, woke up this morning with a full blown head-cold, has zero motivation, feels like death rolled up inside his head and is trying to break its way out his face. If this keeps him from executing his plans for the weekend he is going to be unequivocally devastated. He hasn't been sick in a very long while which often means that when he finally does get sick he gets totally railed. Ha-ha on you Caretaker.

In other news, phone service has been restored to the Island.

Before there was the blog the Caretaker sent out posts via e-mail, the following is from the Caretaker's second winter on the Island:

Island Ice Report,
Ice Out Day 3, 4/17/07:

Lake Temperature: 36 F

The Lake is continuing to rise, more of the ice has broken up and gone out, but it's still going to take some time for it all to go. Based on the weather reports for this weekend it might not be too long until it is gone, then again, who knows? Wind has been pretty much none stop, if the usual pattern holds, the wind will stop sometime tomorrow, or at least switch directions.

Before there was the blog the Caretaker sent out posts via e-mail, the following is from the Caretaker's second winter on the Island:

Island Ice Report,
Ice Out Day 2, 4/16/07:

Lake Temperature: 36.5 F

Lake is not far from flood stage, the wind from the storm moved the ice some, not much for here on the Island but unfortunately the ice took out a porch on Three Brother Islands. Today's photos show the impact of the ice, the tree trunk in the photos was at water level before the ice pushed it up about 3 feet or so. The ice is about 6 inches thick, hopefully there won't be any more wind until the ice can thin out more before it goes. Given the water level of the Lake if the ice goes out soon there could be quite a bit of damage. The power went out today at around 11 am, came back on about an hour and a half later.

The Caretaker's plan was to begin his self-imposed sequestering yesterday, however, he neglected to pick up a green pepper when he was in town Saturday, so he made a trip in Sunday morning. Anyway, the sequestering may have to come to an end sooner than originally planned so it probably doesn't matter either way.

Don Ho died at 76

Donald Tai Loy Ho, who was Hawaiian, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch and German, was born Aug. 13, 1930, in Honolulu and grew up in the then-rural countryside of Kaneohe.

In high school, he was a star football player and worked for a brief time in a pineapple cannery. After graduating in 1949, he attended Springfield College in Massachusetts on an athletic scholarship. He grew homesick, returned to the islands and ended up graduating from the University of Hawaii in 1953 with a degree in sociology.

Inspired by the U.S. military planes flying in and out of Hawaii during World War II, Ho joined the Air Force. As the Korean War wound down, he piloted transport planes between Hickam Air Force Base in Honolulu and Tokyo.

When he returned home and took over his parents' struggling neighborhood bar, Honey's, he put together a band and started performing at his father's request.

"I had no intention of being an entertainer," Ho said. "I just played songs I liked from the radio, and pretty soon that place was jammed. Every weekend there would be lines down the street."

"I've had too much fun all these years," he said in the 2004 interview. "I feel real guilty about it."

Besides "Tiny Bubbles," his other well-known songs include "I'll Remember You," "With All My Love," and the "Hawaiian Wedding Song."
--Info on Don Ho taken from AOL.

To carry on the Hawaiian spirit the Caretaker suggests that you checkout Danny Carvalho's CD Baby web page. Danny plays Slack Key guitar and let me tell you, if the Caretaker could play guitar as well as this kid, the Caretaker would not be farting around with all this other stuff he's doing. You can hear some of Danny's songs on

--The Caretaker

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