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Friday, August 13, 2010

The Caretaker's Concern for 8/18/2010

TCC for 8/18/10:

Photos from yesterday evening.

Photos from this morning:

Before there was the blog the Caretaker sent out posts via e-mail, the following is from the Caretaker's second winter on the Island:

Island Ice Report,
Ice Out Day 4, 4/18/07:

Lake Temperature: 36.5 F

An immense amount of ice has gone out today, as a result of the constant wind these past 4 days much of the ice has just melted away. There is a very large sheet of ice off the north side of the Island, but it is almost entirely open between Recluse and Dome Island. From the Caretaker's perspective it looks as though the Lake is completely open from Dome to the East shore. With the way ice out has gone so far the Island has been unscathed, which is good for the Island, but bad for the Caretaker. Well, not that the Island has been unscathed, rather the way the ice has gone out is bad for the Caretaker, he is quickly losing all chances at prime water shots, and he has been trying to make audio recordings of the ice as it goes out. A few recordings have been made, but the Caretaker may have to go off Island in order to get the recordings he is looking for. Then again, there may still be a substantial amount of ice jammed up in the narrows and if it breaks free the Caretaker might be in luck as far as audio recordings, or, should the wind shift to the South this will bring all the ice back up, although this would be good for recording it would probably be bad for the South dock. Either way, the real big loss so far is the chance for flat water, all hope is not loss yet, but it doesn't look good. If the wind keeps up, all the ice could be gone by tomorrow or the next day, which would be a very short ice out indeed. The Caretaker was expecting ice out to be longer than 4 or 5 days, should this indeed be the case, the Caretaker may still sequester himself on the Island anyway, then again maybe not. Who knows? Who cares?

Some have inquired about what photo made it to the front of the Lake George Mirror, I don't have the exact IIR that it went out in, but it was from a week or two ago, it is the shot of Little Recluse with some flat water showing a reflection of Little Recluse and the clouds, the rocks beneath the water are also visible, the photo was taken not too long after mid-day. Some people also expressed an interest in getting a print of the shot that made the cover, after ice out the Caretaker will start working on making prints of his digital photos and his film photos, as great as the photos look on the computer they don't always transfer well to paper, once he finds out how well the digital shots "develop" he'll be sure to contact all interested parties. Speaking of the Lake George Mirror, overall it was a pretty good article, there were a few misstatements, but that was probably done to conserve space. Either that or the person who did the interview wasn't really listening. Whatever the case maybe the misstatements were on subjects the Caretaker was quite explicit about as far as the facts go. Oh well. Including the cover, 6 of the Caretaker's photos were used in the paper, the photos used inside were printed in black and white, but they transfered well enough without the color. There was one very big problem that the Caretaker had with the article and that was regarding the photo credits. The Caretaker had been quite explicit about the photos being accredited using his full name (which for those of you who don't know it's Jeffrey Dallas Moore), instead they just accredited them to Jeff Moore. Yes it is true that in the day to day transactions of life the Caretaker goes by the name Jeff Moore, but with regard to all of his published material be it photos or writing or for that matter anything he does publicly he uses his full name. Why is this such a big deal to the Caretaker? Crossover marketing. The Caretaker doesn't own the domain name, but he does own (granted there is no website yet, but there will be soon, hopefully) anyway the point is the Caretaker can't hock his wares via the internet if nobody knows where to go. For example, anyone who happens to read the article in the Mirror and decides to look the Caretaker up on line, they don't have the proper name to search for. Oh the trials and tribulations...
In light of this the Caretaker is no longer going to bother with the local media, he's going to go National, that is if the ice does what the Caretaker wants it to do. It won't be a major name placement, but it will be to the right crowd. He'll be sure to let you know if it's going to happen.

Of today's two photos, the photo of the South dock is (for those who know) to show how high the water is, not that those who don't know can't look at it, but having no frame of reference you won't have anything to gauge by, however, take my word for it, the Lake is quite high.

Lastly, for today's update you are directed to again. However, it is not another Lake George Chicken movie (sorry to disappoint you, although there will be a new LGC movie coming out some time in the next week or so) until that time you will have to settle for a "music" video. The "music" was recorded some time in the Autumn, maybe even before that, it is a reworking and expansion of a song that was originally released on "Doug's Kitchen!" The song is called "Knows Pick'in", the star of the video is Gus's Swing. The footage was shot the other day. Anyway, not that this video will ever show up on MTV (do they even play music anymore?) nor does it need to, the video is a result of the Caretaker messing around with iMovie, what has been learned while messing around will be carried over to other "films"--should the Caretaker get around to making them.
To find the new video go to and type in the search window:
Knows Pick'in Gus's Swing
Or copy and paste the following link:
The upload is going to take a while, the direct link to the page will follow tomorrow.
Hopefully you will enjoy it, that is if it doesn't make you ill.

--The Caretaker

P.S. While I was finishing up this report and putting the finishing touches on the video, fireworks started going off at the Sagamore hotel. So the Caretaker grabbed his camera, and has attached some of those photos too. The Caretaker would have liked to send full size photos of the fireworks because he knows from the moonlight photos that the reduced size diminishes the quality, unfortunately the speed of his internet connection is too slow. Reduced quality aside I'm sure you'll still be able to see what you need to see. If anything, it gives you something to look forward to when the Caretaker finally gets around to developing all these photos.

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