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Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Caretaker's Concern for 4/11/2010

TCC for 4/11/2010

Recent photos from the archive.



Before there was the blog the Caretaker sent out posts via e-mail, the following is from the Caretaker's second winter on the Island:

The ice drilling, about 30 feet from off the East point of Sloop Island showed that the ice was a little more than 4 inches thick, this is quite safe for personal travel, however, it will be some time until we can drive our cars out to the Island "safely".
Mild cloud coverage with some low lying clouds, No wind.
Outside temp. 12 F, Ghetto temp. 60 F and rising.
Lake is sill making music, will expect it to continue to do so until it thickens up more.
Caretaker went out for a while on x-c skis, what little snow there was made for good skiing, but will try to ice skate later today or tomorrow morning.


--The Caretaker

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