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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Caretaker's Concern for 5/18/2010

TCC for 5/18/10:

This morning's sunrise:

"New" 2007 post follows below.

The Caretaker is officially on hiatus from his blog until at least the end of this week but most likely through the end of next week. However, he will still have the e-mails from 2007 posted every night at 9 p.m. EST, they will be going out via the automated system. If the Caretaker happens to take some photos and has the time to post them he will do so. For those readers who have relied on the Caretaker's notifications of new posts via Facebook, while he is on hiatus from his blog he will not be sending out notifications via Facebook for the automated posts from 2007. If you'd like, you can sign up for e-mail notifications by entering your e-mail address at left, it is titled: "To receive E-mail notification of new posts:" It is just below the Caretaker's brief profile.

Before there was the blog the Caretaker sent out posts via e-mail, the following is from the Caretaker's second winter on the Island:

Island Ice Report for 3/6/07:

Outside temp: 4 F
Ghetto temp: 63 F
Wind: mostly calm with occasional gusts to 20 mph from the North.
Sky: mostly clear
Precipitation: none

The Caretaker woke up this morning to a Ghetto that was about 40 degrees F. He was plenty warm in bed but wasn't in much of a rush to get up, eventually he did. The temperature never rose above 4 degrees today and the wind was quite strong at times which caused a pretty good wind chill, so the Caretaker spent the day inside. It was cold enough that the Caretaker made a point to not go outside to take a photo, so, attached is a photo from a week or so ago. Once the Caretaker got the auxiliary heat up and running the temperature in the Ghetto began to rise so he didn't have to spend the day on a "winter camp out" in the Ghetto. The Caretaker spent the morning painting, his main focus was on painting number 4 in the A.A. series, he also did a little bit of work on number 3 in the A.A. series, that one will probably be done in a few days. Lastly he worked on a third painting, it is not a part of the A.A. series and it is very far from being done, a picture of a part of the painting is attached to this e-mail, the name of the painting is: "What? You think I meant to forget to get the milk?"
During the afternoon the Caretaker tried to make ice cream, he figured that it being so cold outside why not? Unfortunately the ice cream did not come out as well as he had hoped, but he was not too surprised, the freezer is currently warmer than it is outside which has to do with the thermostat which the Caretaker won't bore you with the details of. So, in the end it turned out to be a milkshake, a vanilla, ginger, graham cracker milkshake which wasn't too bad but he will look to try again for it to come out as ice cream.
Other than that not too much to report for the day, tomorrow the Caretaker will be going to the mainland to do laundry and a number of other errands.
In other news, C. R. was kind enough to provide an answer to the Caretaker's question about what a "cakewalk" is, if our readers remember C. R. was also kind enough to provide a translation for the Latin quote. C.R. is proving to be quite a font of information, the Caretaker is beginning to think that C. R. should start a website called: You have a question, go to Need to know something? CR it at Anyway, the following is CR's answer to the "cakewalk" question:

"The Cakewalk is a dance which debuted, I believe, sometime around the turn of the century. I may also be mistaken in thinking it developed in the African-American community, in the Northeast. I'm thinking Harlem, Baltimore maybe.
At least part of The Cakewalk involves the assumption of a rooster-like pose, à la Mick Jagger, then, unlike Mick Jagger, leaning back as far as possible and thrusting the knees upward with toes pointed at the ground (stage, catwalk, etc.) in a series of long, languorous struts. This is not a complicated or difficult move, but can make for a rather impressive spectacle if executed with a little elan. This may say something to its having lent its name to a task requiring little effort. Again, I speculate.
That's my take anyway. Others should certainly feel free to correct or amend where I've erred or fallen short."

P.S. A third Lake George Chicken movie will be up on line soon, an e-mail will follow giving the link.

--The Caretaker


365 Letters said...

What beautiful sunrise photos!

The Caretaker said...

Thanks! More to come. Sorry so late in responding, modem cooked, only recently replaced it.