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Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Caretaker's Concern for 8/1/2010

TCC for 8/1/10:

No new photos but a bit of news, The Caretaker was witness, amongst many, to a marriage proposal last night out on the Island. It was sweet fun.

Before there was the blog the Caretaker sent out posts via e-mail, the following is from the Caretaker's second winter on the Island:

Island Ice Report for 3/30/07:

Lake Temperature: 34 F

This afternoon was a glorious day for Spring skiing on the Lake. The Caretaker took care of some errands on the mainland for much of the morning and early afternoon, after skiing back to the Island he dropped off his gear and took off his jacket and headed out on to the ice in jeans and a t-shirt. He skied around a bit heading off towards Huddle Bay enjoying the warmth of the sun and slide of his skis. He went around Sweetbriar Island so he could ski his way back with a view looking up the Narrows. It was late in the afternoon and the moon almost full had just risen over the East shore, midway between Sleeping Beauty and Little Buck Mt., or maybe it was somewhere near there on the East shore. Who knows, who cares? It was a nice way to end the afternoon.

There have been a few more suggestions for the tree trunk:

S. suggests:
How bout a very long "peace" pipe?

C. suggests:
A giant canoe paddle.

And F. writes:
My feeling is that the totem pole and dugout ideas, while admirable, are overly
optimistic and labor intensive.
Can't really see someone chipping away at the totem pole for hours while the
rest of clan are enjoying cocktail point.
I'm thinking maybe a log roll, in the same vein as the log bay stump of years
past. Put a 1/2 dozen people on it, and let the fun begin.

The Caretaker does see the totem pole idea as very labor intensive, at least the traditional way, by using a chain saw it would go much quicker, and if an electric one was used all the adults could take a turn at it. However, either way it probably would not make for a great social event with a chain saw going. Then again, if everyone had a hatchet it might go quick, that is if we don't lose anyone to injury.
If anyone else has any ideas please pass them along.

In other news, much of the snow has melted away up here on the Lake, and most all of it is gone from the Island, but there are a few sizable bits here and there. If anyone is interested I will take photos of the remaining snow and should anyone be so inclined to wager on when it will be completely melted away they are more than welcome to do so.

Lastly, the first photo is of Sloop Island this morning, the second one is of Sloop Island this evening.
Have a good weekend.

--The Caretaker

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